Karl Kalbaugh

Karl Kalbaugh

 Falls Church, Virginia, USA
BandWorldNew Age

Music for meditation, yoga, inspiration. Want to go on a space voyage? Yea, I got music for that! A planetarium show? Got that, too.


An ardent believer in the benefits of meditation, Karl Kalbaugh originally composed the music of Outbound as a meditation tool for himself! The music worked so well for him that he thought it may help others with their meditation practices, too.

Karl is an audio mixer at Discovery Channel and has created or contributed to many musical scores for the network – including solo works featuring didgeridoo.

Outbound marks Karl’s second commercially released CD. His first, Terra Nova, was released in 2001 and received airplay on several radio stations that feature world and new age music.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Karl’s music often features various keyboards, Native American flute, Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo, rhythm section, and the occasional voice treatment.

Karl’s music influences are wide and varied including Antonin Dvorak, Aaron Copland, Vangelis, and Emerson, Lake and Palmer, to name a few.


CD: "Outbound" released 2011
CD: "Terra Nova" released 2001
Single: "Cabbage Patchin'" Didjeridu Planet 2 (Timeless Productions)