My music is a blend of folk and contemporary acoustic rock music with its strength in subtleties. Music is best listened to in headphones.


Karlos grew up around the beautiful city of Chicago where, at the tender ages of 15 through 18, he first rocked in the band "Track 5" which released a self-titled LP in 1999. Karlos then spent 6 years in Iowa City, Iowa attending the University of Iowa, playing the local coffeehouse scene and learning about himself as a solo musician. During this time the first of two solo albums, "Sing" was released in 2001. Just before moving to Albany, NY where he currently resides, Karlos released his second solo album entitled "Hung Up" which was his most ambitious project to date.


st jude

Written By: Karlos

How do you know when it’s over?
Oh, what are the signs that say “this is the end”?
If you’ve got reason to believe that there’s a second act and it’s just not starting,
Well how can you know?

Consult St. Jude

Am I a fool to still be asking?
Should I have given up on you long ago?
I know I’ve got a funny way of showing that I still care and I want to be with you.
Well, how can I know?

Consult St. Jude
I’m not ready to today
I’m afraid what he would say
He’d say there is no other way

heartbreak again

Written By: Karlos

I thought love was keeping you here
I thought your intentions were clear, oh on
How was I supposed to know?
Already you’d, you’d let go

You didn’t let it show
Was it easier to pretend that my heart was on the mend?
Oh, you’ve been gone so long

How is NYC?
How is making the scene?
How is it without me, being used by you?

It’s hard on your own
If you gave it a chance, you’d find your independence
Oh, listen to me
Given all of my mistakes, a second chance I’d do the same
Heartbreak again

rough draft

Written By: Karlos

Don’t give up on me, baby
If I’m not what you wish me to be
Just be clear and I’ll change here
Make me be what you need in your atmosphere

Don’t give up on me that easily
This version is a draft copy
Don’t give up on me that easily
I’m a draft copy and it ain’t hard to alter me

Mark me up with your red pen
Insert better qualities instead
Of what was there cause I don’t care
I’ve let go of everything held dear

Don’t give up on me that easily
This version is a draft copy
Don’t give up on me that easily
I’m a draft copy
Yeah don’t give up on me so easily
There’s more to me than you see


Sing (2001)
Hung Up. (2006)

Set List

st jude
everything, or whatever is left
on love
heartbreak again
london for the new year
to move on
just so you know, if you didn't already
this is it [sunday 5.28pm]
rough draft
Alright (Stevie Wonder Cover)
something serious

My full sets last about an hour to an hour and a quarter.