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Karlos Farrar

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band R&B Pop




"SuperStar Magazine"

Karlos Farrar is a young entertainer, born and raised on the Eastside of Detroit, to hit the music world. Ever since a young child, Karlos has been singing and dancing. But it wasn't until the age of eighteen, when he and his family moved to Las Vegas, Karlos really got the opportunity to utilize his talent and develop as an artist, and network with prominent West Coast artists. "I Used To" is a beautiful piano song and the 3rd Single off of his EP "Pop vs R&B".

Karlos workes day and night to perfect his craft. “Music is everything. I live for music. Its my life! I hope anybody who hears my music can relate and just feel it. I put my hear into my music," says Karlos. The young man has performed at local clubs, talents shows while winning first place, and has opened shows for some of today’s leading artists such as Jon B., Trey Songz, J. Holiday, and many others. In his music you can hear Motown influences and new skool sounds. Triple-threat Karlos Farrar is definitely on the rise to become a superstar!
- SuperStar Magazine

"Hype Magazine"


New Artist is primed to make his presence felt as he crafts a rhythm all his own.

This My Jam-Turn It Up featuring C Dell aka "The Boy Wonder", available on iTunes Now

There's no doubting the ripple effect caused by the phenomenal success stories of minted chart-toppers like Usher Raymond, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce Knowles, Alicia Keys, etc. Next up to the plate is Singer/Songwriter/R&B Pop Artist, Karlos Farrar, who is primed to make his presence felt as he crafts a rhythm all his own.

Born on the eastside of Detroit Michigan , Karlos began his creative journey doing local talent shows around the city of Detroit at the age of 11. He first discovered his talent to dance at the age of 3, and his talent for singing at the age of 6. Karlos didn't stop there though, at the age of 15 his love for the piano also caught his attention which made him a force to be reckoned with. By the age of 18 he had moved from his home city to pursue his career in Las Vegas , NV , where he currently resides in. Looking towards the future, Karlos envisions his multi-layered career in terms of chapters of a never-ending story that includes songwriting, producing, acting, choreographing, and an openness to explore anything else that he sets his mind too.

Karlos who recently signed with Bootcamp Enterprises with a management agreement, and has been busy promoting the single with performances throughout the country, opening for acts like Trey Songz, J holiday, Ray J, and Jon B. Karlos toured with Interscope recording artist Mishon, Roc City and Universal Music Group recording artist London on his BET college tour.

Karlos recently followed up his single release by attending a recent birthday party for Celebrity Choreographer Phlex hosted by Lil Mama at H Wood in Hollywood California . While on the red carpet, when asked what music means to him, he responds without hesitation, "Music is everything – I Live for Music, it's my life! I Hope anybody who hears my music, can relate and just feel it. I put my heart into my music."
- Hype Magazine


A kid with big dreams from the small city of Detroit realized he could sing. Riding in the car with his mother, listening to Brandy, she heard KARLOS singing and replied “you can really sing”. At the age of 4 KARLOS FARRAR knew he wanted to be an entertainer. Influenced by the great Micheal Jackson, KARLOS began dancing. While in Detroit KARLOS joined a dance group called MAIN ATTRACTION. KARLOS relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada and joined a dance group called HYPNOTIX, then a dance a group called FORMALITY. KARLOS says “dancing with the crews, really taught me a lot about performing. Dancing in a crew teaches you about team work…”

At the age of 18, KARLOS had a tough decision to make. Either go to the army, like his parents wanted him to or stay in Las Vegas to pursue his entertainment career. KARLOS auditioned for AMERICAN IDOL, recorded his most popular song “YES SIR”, and had shows booked. KARLOS didn’t want to leave and miss the opportunity to be a star. A couple of nights a week KARLOS and his crew members would go to the MANDALAY BAY hotel/casino where a live band played and danced till the set ended. KARLOS decided to leave all of that behind and serve in the United States Army

KARLOS FARRAR is hardly a wannabe. His first big show was at MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY for over 5000 people. KARLOS has opened for TREY SONGZ, J HOLIDAY, and JON B. KARLOS always has looked up to MICHEAL JACKSON, DONNY HATHAWAY, R.KELLY, PRINCE, and USHER. KARLOS writes his own music and plays the keys. The inspiration for his music comes from simply living life and KARLOS says “making music people can relate to is what I’m all about” like his song “I USED TOO” The song is about falling out of love. Everyone can relate to that.

KARLOS is giving the people what they have been missing. Originality. “I’m original! My own beats, no samples, my own lyrics, and my own sound” Up next for KARLOS FARRAR is an episode on 106 and PARK. He will be performing for WILD OUT WEDNSDAY. Hopefully soon KARLOS would love the opportunity to work with THE DREAM, KERI HILSON and DRAKE - UpNextIs


Turn It Up- May 2009

I Used To- December 2010

Bacardi or Patron- June 2011

Aint No Lady- February 2012

Workin Wit (Show Me)- May 2012

Karlos With A K EP- November 2012



Karlos Farrar, Born and raised on the Eastside of Detroit, is without a doubt the latest sensation to hit the music world. His uniquely smooth & gentle voice, mixed with his Motown influences and “New-School Steez," has the hits that will make you relate and connect to his music emotionally and mentally. This young multi-talented young man is in a musical caliber of his own. He also choreographs, writes, and produces his own material, with some help from his Build Destroy Records Producer Jason Salters "Salty Beats". All these Talents make Karlos such a rare commodity of our time.

Karlos’s musical curiosity began at the age of three, where he would practice dance moves in front of his red-framed mirror, trying to imitate the Legendary Michael Jackson. By the age of six, Karlos found himself singing to tunes played on the R&B & Pop radio stations. When Karlos was eleven, he put his talent to the test by entering talent shows throughout the city of Detroit. At this point in Karlos's Life is when he had realized that he had found his new love and passion for music and decided to become a Singer/Entertainer.

At the age of eighteen, Karlos fate of becoming a true musician started to thrive. He and his family relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada. This was Karlos’s grand-opportunity to utilized his talent, develop as an artist, and network with some of the West Coast’s prominent artists. Karlos worked day and night to perfect his craft. He started performing at local clubs, & entering talent shows while winning first place multiple times & building a name for herself and soon becoming one of Local Las Vegas's Top unsigned R&B Singers. Karlos has opened shows for some of today’s leading artists such as Trey Songz, Ray J, Lloyd, J. Holiday, and many others. Karlos has also toured and danced with Interscope recording artists Roc City, Interscope recording artist “Lincoln Heights,” Mishon, and Universal Motown artist, London.

Karlos is giving people what they have been missing. Originality! He is most definitely putting his work in to obtain and wear the crown as “King of Pop-N-B.” A Genre he created Himself!

"R&B music that appeals to Pop listeners is Pop-N-B. Appealing to a Pop audience isn't selling out as long as what your creating is from your heart. I think whatever you create from your heart and mean is real music."

"I would say im the creator of Pop-N-B because everyone who makes pop music now that used to do R&B is trying to fit in. Its fake. When you listen to my music you'll feel whatever emotion I want you to feel because its coming from a real place. Whether its making you dance or making you cry. “Making Music people can relate to is what I’m all about at the end of the day ultimately so whether its fast or Slow, its REAL."

Keep your eyes open for this young star on the rise. His work is just getting started. Plus the inspiration for his music comes from simply living life. Giving all his fans the real deal and all of himself as an artist.

“Music is everything. I live for music. Its my life! I hope anybody who hears my music can relate and just feel it. I put my heart into my music.” -Karlos Farrar