Karl Vincent

Karl Vincent

 Dublin, Leinster, IRL

Stunning , original voice, heartfelt songs and the passion to communicate them to his audience.


A native of Kildare and Currently residing in Dublin, Karl has honed his act playing numerous gigs in venues around Dublin, Kildare , Drogheda and Wexford.
He has also played in the Red Hot Music Club as part of their limited yearly concerts and the Green Room Sessions. Recently he played in the Olypmia Theatre as part of the St. Patricks Day festival.
Karl has also gained interest to appear on indie compilation Cds and has attracted the interest of publishing companies and was commissioned to write the song for KRM Radios �Search for a Star�.
Also recently having hugely successful appearences in indiesummerfest2007 and a sell out show with Luka Bloom.

Karl's influences range from The Kinks , the Beatles , Thin Lizzy to modern day contemporaries such as Simple Kid, Kings Of Leon, White Stripes and David Kitt.
With a unique voice and crafted songs it's worth trying to catch one of his live gigs.

Karl Vincent�s debut E.P. Lovers and Liars received widespread airplay, interest and favourable reviews. Karl is now working on a set of new material for future release.


Angels On The Outside

Written By: Karl Vincent

Take a colour and you change it if you will.
There's a hundred people for the boots in which you fill.
There's a million reasons for the reason why you still,
haven't found what you're looking for.

because there's angels on the outside looking in , telling me to listen,
angels on the telephone again but I'm always busy,
angels on the outside looking in,

don't believe because they tell you to believe ,
you've got to trust your instincts and turn off the damn tv,
there's a word of reason and the reason is to see all the beauty that we did create.

Educated In The Sun

Written By: Karl Vincent

She always goes through life alone,
She never seems to be on her own,
A different point of view,
One more time.

She walks through life without a care,
Yet she's time to stop and stare,
A different point of view,
One more time.

Take away we have to fly,
there's nothing here for us to try,
my memories, my memories.
We can't forgive we can't forget,
but that's okay then no regrets,
my memories, my memories,
of you.

She makes me feel like I'm the one
Educated in the sun,
A different point of view,
one more time.

And I know she's always there,
a helping hand to love and care,
A different point of view,
one more time.

Guiding Star

Written By: Karl Vincent

You're my guiding star,
I wake every day to find you,
and when that light goes out I wander far from home,
You're my guiding star.

You're the first winter snow,
Pure and clean and gentle
and what dies beneath is born again in you,
You're the first winter snow.

So why don't you tell me ?
Why it hurts when we're apart ?
So why can't you show me ?
What's in your heart ?

You're my guiding star.....


4 Track E.P. - "Lovers & Liars" 2004