Karma – A soulful, bluesy, belting rock singer backed by a ripping power trio. Her songwriting and vocal performance have been compared to great artists such as Robert Plant, Janis Joplin.Tina Turner, and Etta James


Karma was named by her progressive parents, an Episcopalian Minister and a southern bluegrass singer. Karma's father's spiritual calling in the church took the family from Asheville NC, to Austin TX, to Panama, to Philadelphia PA, and finally to King City CA. Her mother was a professional singer whose love of the lyrical content of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and other singer song writers of the time had a deep impact on Karma. But, it was in junior high school in urban Philadelphia that Karma discovered music for herself and on her own terms. Her love of R&B was forged as she began cutting her vocal chops in church choir. That summer Karma's father uprooted and moved the family again, this time to King City, California to lead a congregation there. In King City Karma discovered classic roots rock, including Zeppelin which you can clearly hear as an influence on cuts like "You Can't Blame Love","They've Got A Name For You". And Janis Joplin on"Dragging Me Down"Shortly after graduating high school, Karma left home for Monterey, CA, driven to pursue her musical vision as a singer. It didn't take long before she was gigging every week, and winning loyal fans. Karma's voice and performances had an immediate impact on the Monterey area's music scene. A local music producer took note and brought Karma into a studio to record a four song EP. Two of the four songs became "top five requests" on commercial KCDU-FM radio in the Monterey / Santa Cruz / Salinas area. The next two years were giant steps. Karma worked in the studio on two independent projects with record producers Marc Tanner (Aerosmith, The Calling) and Thom Wilson (Iggy Pop, The Offspring). For the past year, Karma and crew have been hitting the road hard, winning fans in Sacramento, San Francisco, Marin, Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles counties. The end result is that Karma and band have developed into a powerhouse performing force that must be seen to believe.
Karma's new full length album was Engineered and Mixed by Dusty Wakeman (Lucinda Williams, Dwight Yoakam) at Mad Dog Studios in Burbank, CA. During these sessions she gained the respect of her musical sidemen, blues harp great John "Juke" Logan (heard on "Heart to Stone" and "You Can't Blame Love") and master session keyboardist Skip Edwards(heard on most tracks). Also singing Karma's praises was the great backup singer Wendy Barnes.
Glen Starkey, music writer for the San Luis Obispo County New Times wrote; "Maybe Karma should have been born 30 years earlier. She would have fit right in with the likes of Janis Joplin or Led Zeppelin. With her sexy hippie threads and rock star good looks, not to mention her ferocious stage presence, Karma would be right at home playing Bill Graham's famed San Francisco nightclub The Fillmore circa 1970."


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KARMA - 11 song CD
Currently in the studio working on a new album
Karma has received commerical radio airplay in Monterey/Santa Cruz/Salinas, CA and currently in Japan.

Set List

Karma and crew can play up to four 45 minute sets. Over 20 originals and some choice covers.