Karma Bat

Karma Bat


We are creepy, silly, pop, rock, and melodic.


All of us switch instruments, for different songs. We like to experiment with music, and we all play different instruments, and happen to write music differently. Our influances are vast. We take swing, punk, country, and hardcore, add some comedy, and sing about what goes on in a horror movie. We are very very colorful.


Karma Bat- Pea-feathers and Gullyfluff. 2005

Karma Bat- Freddy vs. the Chicken

Set List

Our sets can be as long as an hour, or short as 15 minutes, it is up to whoever is running it. Our songs can be kind of long, usually it is about 8 songs.


So much for the Neighborhood
Paranoid E
Out of Order
Blackhole Spacedust
Why the Ghost
We are broken
Creatures of the night
la resistance
the dead are walking
go get shot
Wonderful(Eric Clapton Cover)
Tylers' song