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"Modern Rock with an edge"....Casey Wiley, Albany Times Union



Karmablind is a real rock band with catchy, radio ready tunes, slammed out on guitars, bass and drums that make your lunch quake in your stomach, and live vocals that make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

The band's self titled debut album, recorded and co-produced by Peter Moshay (Sean Lennon/Yoko Ono, Hall & Oates, Mariah Carey) , captures the sound of their compelling live show with eight original songs. Sometimes blissful, and sometimes tragic, Karmablind's music is always full of raw emotion that any audience can relate to.

Live, these guys deliver. Their stage show's primal energy fills the room, and their sharp, tight sound hits the soul like a shot of Jack. Anyone who's ever seen a Karmablind show leaves a fan, with the songs' hooky choruses ringing in their heads, longing for more.

Karmablind is currently touring to support the album.



Written By: Mark Sly

Why am I always afraid holding too close to what’s safe
Angel, angels get lost in the rain
Why am I always ashamed holding too close to what’s sane
Angel, angels get lost in the rain
I know im ok if I hold on today and all my hopes and dreams wont fall if I let nothing get in the way
Why do my thoughts go astray just when i need them to stay – of me of you of me of you

What Gets You High

Written By: Mark Sly

What gets you low
What gets you high
You find the crutch
That gets you by
What gets you low
What gets you high
You finally find the one thing the one thing that’ll get you by.

Pick up the pieces of the day
Hope tomorrow stays away
Climb up the latter all the way
Hope to hold the pain at bay

It’s only for tomorrow
Only for tomorrow that we stay
It’s only for tomorrow
Only for tomorrow we stay


Written By: Mark Sly

Cant sleep
I lye awake and I just think
Of all the things to change about me
I know im empty im lonely
But in you I see me
Feel me
Save me
Feel me

And so
I walk my road alone
But I know there other ways to go
But in you I see
You love it hurts me so
It pains me
But in you I
See me
Feel me
Save me
Feel, feel me


Karmablind (released 2.2.02)

Set List

SET 1:
Honor Amongst Thieves
Painted Window
What Get's You High
Fool For You
Isn't Hard Enough
Comin' Apart At The Seams
Just My Style
Leave A Light On

SET 2:
All I Want Is You
Alone Tonight
I'm Not That Strong
Really Wanna Hold Her
Just My Style
Rainy Shelter