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This band has not uploaded any videos




if you want a smoother, sexier wardrobe, open up your closet, start a give away pile and turn on the Karmadons. Singer Micah James will croon every women into goodwilling every frumpy blouse she owns and every man into re-examining the whit tank top as dinner attire. That's how the Karmadons dynamic works. they look rough around the edges, maybe even dauntingly so, but they sound like you should leave your number on a napkin for them. it's sexy meets sleazy the classy way. Karmadons are trying to bring a funky Rock n roll sound back from wherever the indie pop craze took it. The Karmadons songs vary in pacing and tone, but don't lose thier intimacy. "I came a long way to see you" is more upbeat, screw you never look in the rearview mirror kind of anthem. "Diamond Smile" is a slower, screw you then screw me in the backseat kind of anthem. No matter the track, with the Karmadons, your in the car with them, your not sure where you're going, there not done driving, and it is really hot to be captive."
Mary Sparr, Rise over Run Magazine - Mary Sparr, Rise over Run Magazine


"Karmadons are one of south central Kentucky's newest and most promising faces happening on the music scene right now. Style is the name of the game with these guys. Songs that get you moving with clever little hooks and back beats that stay with you even after the show's over. Not to be confused with every other set of tunes you hear on a friday night, but little stories delivered in a nice package of articulated musical structure. Style indeed.... with a lemon twist!!"
Tommy Starr, WDNS FM 93.3 Bowling Green KY - Tommy Starr D93.3


"Came a long way to see you"
shot a video in LA, in june of 2009. right now it can be heard around Vanderbilt/Nashville radio and western Ky college radio.



Classic rock power with the simple jangles of yesterday and the future. influences range from the doors the the velvet underground from cream to the beatles. pink floyd into interpol. Karmadons formed in bowling green, ky. wanting to put a groovy sound back where it belongs. in your ears. coming to the stage in black suit's and no bull attitudes. what goes around comes around and karma will come for you. Karmadons formed to make music you can dance to. hot off a plane from africa for over a year. micah james started looking for people to play with in mid 2008. he gathered with the drummer jeremy and had jams. saying "i want to make music people can dance to." jeremy knew of a bass player in mind that has riffs from metal to funk and all between, chris. chris called out a childhood friend billy that had been making music for awhile and told him to come play guitar. there formed a strong cohesive musical bond. in a sense we've all known each other somehow for a long time. karmadons.