Karma Fx

Karma Fx

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Karma Fx are a grunge inspired rock trio. They each have a deep passion for live music and play as many gigs they can. Inspired by Nirvana, Audio slave, Led Zep, the Floyd, knoffler and slash the tunes the trio write are unique and when performed live are unforgettable.


Pete - Guitar & Vox
Michael - Bass & Vox II
Sean - Drums

The only thing Karma Fx care about is playing live music to as many people as often as possible and making sure every show is unforgettable.


Karma fx have just released their first Single titled "Friendly Stranger" with an overwhelming success and by far exceedign the bands expectations. The Launch was a massive success and the trio put on a rock show to remember.

Their Debut EP titled Destined Illusions is being released this summer at the Prince of Wales hotel in Bunbury and the Rosemount Hotel in North Perth. The 4 track EP is a great snapshot of the bands journey so far and demonstrates their potential in the years to come.

Recorded at Witzend Studio's in Fremantle the trio worked hard to put their best foot forward. Only a couple of months on the boys are setting their sights higher and further for their next release due out soemtime in 2011.

A very exciting time for the Karma boys and definately an act to watch out for!