Karma Jonze

Karma Jonze

 Austin, Texas, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Growing up, music has always been my main drive. Hip-hop has been my soul and heart as well. I take pride in trying to capture the overall spirit of the culture and become a complete artist not just in my genre, but in music itself. I strive to touch people with my music so that I can invoke emotions and have a long lasting appeal whether through headphones are a live performance. While I am just one solo artist my lyrics, my music and my soul are all apart of my overall musical identity.


Texas has a new leading lady and her name is Karma Jonze. Known for not following the norm and creating her own unique brand of southern hip hop flows and lyrics, Karma is setting a new standard as she takes the south by the storm one fan at a time. By any means, do not compare her to others because you simply cant. Her unconventional approach and out of the box method of style has made it quite difficult to place her in any one type category which is simply perfect for Karma who chooses to create her own lane. While every other artist is out there claiming that their style has yet to be rivaled, Karma is busy creating the platform and paving the way for future female hip hop/rap artists to follow in her footsteps.
Austin, Texas---the Live Music Capital of the World is where Karma calls home. Inspired at a very early age by recording artists Queen Latifah and Missy Elliott, Karma spent countless hours in the studio perfecting her craft as well as the underground scene learning how to hustle her mixtapes for her cousins rap duo group. Overcoming all obstacles and making no excuses, Karma was determined to rise to prominence and make her mark in the hip hop music industry. Producing what she set out to do early on in her career and fulfilling a lifelong goal, Karma put her skills to work and on October 25, 2010, she released her first mixtape titled Instrumental Institution. Tracks like Her Swagger and First Class Misses may have provided the ladies a new anthem but make no mistake, Karma Jonze is not your typical female rapper.
Although Random Blue Daze, Karmas first LP which was released on May 30, 2011, has been very successful and to date is still creating quite a buzz, she is once again in the studio working on the highly anticipated album titled Retro Active which will be released later this year and knowing Karma, she wont stop there!


Karma Is A Trip (2010)

Instrumental Institution (2010)

Random Blue Daze (2011)

Retro Active (2011)
Smoking Aces (2012)

Hungover EP (2012)

No False Idols (2013)

Set List

- Turntables
- 2x Microphone (Cordless preferred but not necessary)