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Disillusioned and indifferent to the musical climate that surrounded their creative visions, Fitzgerald Fyne & Matt Childs (KARMAMOTIVA) realised they had a lot in common during a chance collaboration in early 2006. Individually they have been involved and have a vast knowlege and experience with in the music industry.

Fitzy's music background started as an 14 yr old reggae sound system MC apprentice in Liverpool performing at Blues parties, Sound system clashes , Carnivals and The liverpool University.

In 92 the jungle music scene started developing out of london and along with 2 friends he promoted and performed at the first ever jungle night in Liverpool called "Jungle Love" @ The Lomax. After recognition of their talents by Jungle Fever they went on to play at venues nationwide alongside some of their then heroes such as Brockie & Det, Kenny Ken, Roni Size & Grooverider.

In 1998 Fitz teamed up with Drum and Bass Dj /producer "FUTUREBOUND" and together they Hosted & Co- promoted the now infamous X Drum n Bass manouvers night in Liverpool. For three years they ripped up liverpool undergound scene hosting nights such as " A Tribute to Kemistry " with Goldie & Storm, Radio One live with Fabio & Groove rider, & The Represent Crew, X moved to legendery club "Cream" in its latter yrs but after many ups & downs the guys decided to call it a day.

From 2000 he started recording with various house producers under the name " Raul" reaching chart success with a Top ten position in the U.K charts and in 4 diffrent countries with Indian house fusion hit single " Bhangra Knights" ( EMI), which would see him perfroming on shows such as Top of the Pops, MTV, Pop world , GMTV and touring the world including Russia , South Africa & The Baltics.

On the house scene he featured on 2 succesful Tracks with House Heads ( Desert) achieving an American billboard dance chart number one single " Letting ya mind go" (Mute) and had a Number one dance single of the year @ MMC with "I see the light" ( Mute).

After a few years working with in the house music scene he always knew his love and passion for music was in his Soul/ Urban roots so he invested in a small production studio and began producing and writting his own eclectic material thus bringing him together on a collabiration with Matt Childs.
"Working with matt has been eye opening, his approach is refreshing in pushing the boundries and being meticulous in developing our live/studio sound."

Matt Childs started his musical journey very early on, going through the paces that so many of us do by playing recorder in the school band. But something stuck, and many years later he found himself travelling away from his home just outside London to Liverpool, to study music at University. Our story may well have ended then if it weren’t for the fact that it was 1994; and Liverpool was experiencing what was probably one of its finest hours. The clubbing explosion, fuelled by clubs such as Cream and Voodoo, having the city buzzing every weekend.

Electronic music had taken hold. Inside the clubs, on the weekends, Matt was listening to the close of Acid House, still influenced by the screech of the TB303. At home however, it was a different story. Around the same time a close friend introduced him to the sound of Autechre.
“It was like nothing I had ever heard before. I remember thinking over and over again: how do they do that, how do they do that.....”
Inspired by all this, his University degree finally had a reason:Slowly but surely, Matt began to get the hang of the studio. He began to buy his own little pieces of gear, mostly the old analogue synths he still owns today and by the time he had finished his degree he was making all the noises that had so inspired him to start learning in the first place.

Fast-forward to 2000 and an invite to join a new band trying to burst it’s way out of Liverpool and onto Radio 1. Having shared a rehearsal room with friends for some time, the approach came from mutual acquaintances ( singer / songwriter) Carl Brown to join his band “Sizer Barker”
very quickly he realised that he was out of his depth.
“I had over-sold myself. These guys had expected a studio wonder but I was still trying to find my feet in what quickly became a very professional setting”
Long studio sessions, intense rehearsals and over 6 months of putting together an album with no experience of how to do it; this was a trial by fire.

When it was over however he was very close to becoming the musician both he and the people around at the time had assumed him to be. Working with such professionals as Mark Fivian (Coldplay) and Marcus Dravs (Bjork) was both an inspiration and a lesson, but after a year things began to become jaded and he left the band.
Very quickly, Matt got involved in (his old love of) Drum and Bass. Hooking up with the wealth of local producers appearing in Liverpool at the time, under the watchful eye of Brendan C