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"Karma - Senior Rocker (USA 2008)"

Zachary mentions GUIDED BY VOICES as a key influence (as well as MODEST MOUSE), and one can clearly hear that (though in fact I like KARMA's sound better...) An confident and uplifting, if somehow bittersweet and quirky listening experience. Pretty cool homemade lofi stuff, well worth a listen!

Favourite track: "Stilted" - homemade lofi psych (http://homemade-lofi-psychedelic.blogspot.com)


Senior Rocker (LP, 2008)
Baby Oxygen (LP, 2009)



Our latest album, Baby Oxygen, is by far my favorite yet. Here is some of the story behind the songs:

1. Bleeding Television

One day my TV started having picture issues and I began to think about the state of my life.

2. A-Town

A song about Arlington, Virginia, where I used to get into a lot of fun trouble :)

3. Post

A song about life in my first apartment.

4. Kitchen

This one was pieced together from some old poetry. Has a fun and heavy power pop sound...

5. Comanche

About the first place I stayed after leaving home. Warm and eerie...

6. North

This song came from an abandoned poem, revisited months later.

7. John Around

My favorite yet. Inspired by salvia.

8. Seattle

I visited Seattle and thought of some stuff...

9. Semiconscious

I lost the original demo of this song when I was fired from my job and they revoked my laptop on the spot. Luckily, I remembered it later...

10. Dusted

Lyrics came from old poetry. Music came from an old demo. Hodge-podged them together to make a song...