Karma Wash & The Cosmic Dryer

Karma Wash & The Cosmic Dryer


There is no adequate way to describe the beauty and synergy of this project. Seamlessly blending tribal acoustic, funk, soul, bluegrass, country, ambient jams, and shamanic chanting. You will have your karma washed, then a spin through the cosmic dryer to make you feel whole and pure again.


In a distant realm, beyond the limitations of time and space, two sparks came together and created a plan to bring evolution and love to the human race through music. Much work was needed, reincarnation after reincarnation these sparks learned all they could about music, finally ending up in this timespace as Animal and Bear, Karma Wash & The Comic Dryer was born. Although a new project, when playing together you can see their third eyes focused on the source, and hear it as they weave vibrations to stir the soul into movement and depth of understanding.


in the process.

Set List

Our set list is a constant evolution unto itself. We rarely get through our whole set list because of the obscure places the jam takes us. We do original versions of covers mixed with originals and mindblowing jams. We are currently working on adding more originals into the mix. We can play from 30 min to 2 hours, probably longer. We can also do dual sets, one bluegrass one tribal.