Take some Alice in Chains, Sevendust, Tool, Faith No More, and Incubus. Press puree. Stir and enjoy.


Karmedy \‘kahr mi dee\ n. (no plural)

1. Everything happens for a reason. Our intentions drive events in one direction or another, making things better or worse, creating success or failure, punishment or reward. Some use the concept of “karma” to describe this interplay of cause and effect, implying that everyone gets what they deserve. Such a life can seem cruel and unforgiving. But when it is viewed after the fact, the whole story looks very silly indeed—a cosmic comedy that is both bigger than all of us, yet requires our constant input.

The band Karmedy is funny like that—a perfect example of the universe’s endless sense of humor and determined destiny, working itself out as it should be. Karmedy owes its success to the paths of its members and supporters, however diverse and unique they may be.

Josh (drummer, background vocals) is the originator of Karmedy. He grew the band concept and first album in the secret laboratory of Viruseye Studios, tirelessly writing and performing all the instrumentation for this 13-song CD, which he also recorded and engineered. A quick run through Oasis Mastering revealed artistry and determination not often found in a world of wannabe rockers, for whom art is extra, and work is supposed to be someone else’s problem. Josh has never been afraid to push his boundaries of talent and abilities. His investment gave Karmedy a beginning with real momentum, allowing it to become truly unstoppable. Presenting some of the most advanced and powerful drum work in modern music is but one of his gifts to the band as a whole.

Sean (singer and front-man), Josh’s friend since childhood serves a variety of functions without which this creation never would have happened. Acting as the indispensable Igor of the secret lab throughout Karmedy’s monstrous creation, his library of skills goes well beyond singing, to have built up much of the working infrastructure surrounding and supporting the Karmedy phenomenon. A life of austerity and active social connection created his intensity of charisma and presence, very appropriate for the vocals and primary face of the band. His powerful, resonant voice, used before in spoken word and comedy, carries poignant lyrics that, for once, have a message to be learned from and inspired by, without being preachy, lame, vulgar or dismal.

With this crew you can be sure that Karmedy will get what it deserves. The music speaks for itself, delivering a wealth of hooks and an inspirational message rare for its well-trodden genre. This is hard, metal music that at once drives heads to bang and pits to mosh, while displaying dynamic peaks and troughs characteristic of more polished musical forms. Throughout the songs one can also hear a regional thread, hinting at Karmedy’s Northwestern origins without beating a proverbial dead horse over it. The sheer creativity and intensity of writing and performance come through loud and clear as these four unlikely guys collide head-on in a musical explosion unlike any other. In getting what they deserve, Karmedy will have a lot to laugh about, because they will have earned it fair and square.


Self Titled LP released June of 2006

Set List

Life and Times
Lost in the Wilderness
Dead and Bloated (Stone Temple Pilots cover)
A New Day
The City
Sober (Tool cover)

The set runs about 45 minutes to 1 hour