KarmetiK Underground

KarmetiK Underground


Live Electrorganic Fusion Dance Grooves. Incorporating sounds of the east with tribal dance culture of the West Coast to create a truly supernatural experience for the listener.


The Music

Sonically combining the east, the west, the above and the below, the Karmetik Underground is religiously infusing packed dance floors with live instrumental fusion. Karmetik cleverly creates an ethnically diverse musical tapestry, often incorporating traditional instruments from India with state of the art synthesizers, samplers, and sequencers. A sound influenced by Talvin Singh, Phish, Ravi Shankar, Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Fela Kuti, Thievery Corporation, The Chemical Brothers and Sound Tribe Sector Nine to name a few. As part of the creative process, songs are conceived from within the emotional spectrum and given life through a hybrid medium of electrorganic sounds. Allowing the listener to fully explore their musical mind and body while getting down and dirty doin it.

KarmetiK has toured from BC down through the United States to Oregon and California, including performances with Five Alarm Funk, Hey Ocean, the Wassabi Collective, and Adham Shaikh.

Primarily a quartet, the Karmetik Underground is also constantly exploring the collective musical experience through improvised jamming with a plethora of guest musicians. The music is kept fresh for both listener and performer as it takes on a form derived from the present with little predetermined length or finite structure. The Karmetik Underground is determined to spread love like wild fire; helping the world dance one step at a time!

The Instrumentation

As all the members are coming from different backgrounds, each bring their own influence to create a sound that sets an emotional atmosphere. The rhythm section consists of a dynamic duo that taps into an electro-tribal infused groove. The melody makers are gliding over top of the beat using harmonies produced by guitar and synthesized astro-phonics.

Included within this western approach to making music the KarmetiK Underground has great respect for North Indian Classical Music. All members have studied under masters in India, bringing back their eastern influence to fuse with worldly organic dance music. Instruments such as the Sitar and Tabla are commonly integrated into the performance bringing a sense of culture to the dance floor.


Rebirth Session (EP 2005)
WaveBeing (LP 2006)
Streaming Play: CBC Radio 3,

Set List

Sets range from 1 hour to 2.5 hours depending on the slot. One or two sets depending on show. We have 16 songs in our current repetoire. Typical song length is about 10 minutes.