Karmic Book Heroes

Karmic Book Heroes


Karmic Book Heroes is a Sacramento based band playing Alternative Brit Rock with a Soul foundation all wrapped around poetic lyrics.


In a time when most bands are seeking the shock value of Urban Anger Rock, Karmic Book Heroes is drawing on true emotion. They build a traditional Soul foundation, layer it with funk and rock guitars and then wrap it all around poetic, sensual lyrics. While they have certainly created an unmistakable underlying feel to their music, each song has its own passionate message and unique sound. While the music is geared toward a socially conscious crowd, they never drown you in seriousness. Karmic Book Heroes knows how to stab you with a hook and drag you to your feet.


Karmic Book Heroes Take Flight - LP
One September Mourning - single

Hail Mary, Felix Clouds & Here Comes The Circus are all off the Take Flight CD and they have each received commercial radio airplay.

Set List

Hail Mary
Lost My Mind
Picture This
Here Comes The Circus
Time Is What Life Costs
The World I See
Age Not Wisdom
I Am Me
So Alive
Suspicious Minds - Elvis

Karmic Book Heroes currently has 2 sets. Each set is 50 minutes long.