Karmic Juggernaut

Karmic Juggernaut


A fresh cocktail of organic music - with elements of jazz, funk, psychedelia, bluegrass, classical, blues, latin, afro, soul, and jam to name a few. K-Juggs is an attempt at a sonic experience, an explanation of life through the art of sound.


Karmic Juggernaut began as the nux of four teenage bohemians desperate to curve the direction of current musical standards. Beginning in the fall of 2004, they have spent the last two years harnessing their sounds, individually and collectively. By mixing intense melodies with an organic feel, they hope to soon avert the ears of the average listener to their brand of sound, one with feel and flow. By beholding music as a blank canvas of endless possiblilities, they have begun to explore different ways of attaining that goal to capture the chaos of life while taming its qualities. They ask you to take a listen from an open perspective and hopefully enjoy what you hear.....


Fishy Graham Cracker

Written By: Randy Preston/Kevin Grossman


There's a man named Todd or so he is to some
But to you he's Mister Riglium
If you've got the urge give him a call
No, he won't mind, no, it won't bother him at all

Fishy graham cracker in a parkin lot
fishy graham cracker in a shady spot
Fishy graham cracker
keep it low, keep it low
Here's your graham cracker
now take it and go

Now he says he's got the best of taste in feed
Claims to have it all or at least what you need
Don't search or never will you find
Cause paradise is nothing but a state of mind


Paradise Blend

Written By: Marcus Morieko


Time isn't money and money isn't time
Life can not be measured in your nickels and your dimes
So if you lose your money, honey
Please don't lose your mind
The green is making everybody blind

I'm standing on the foggy shore
and i just can't understand
Why the weight upon my shoulders
was piled by my fellow man
The pressure knocks me to my knees
I reach into the sand
Just like my grip on sanity
the grains slip through my hands

Take a look inside yourself
Be surprised at what you'll find
Emotions and behaviors that for years have been confined
Tensions like a coil
It's time we all unwind
Let's get together for the sake of......


Sands of Time

Written By: James McCaffrey/Kevin Grossman


Fireflies blink through the night
Trees block the moon give me your light
Take your space, don't pack too tight
When your beacons shine, man, it's a sight

A grain of sand, float in the breeze
A vivid moment of your memories
Drifting through the sands of time

Hourglass lend me your ear
Cause each passing moment feels like a year
Sands of time, drift over here
When the beacon shines, you're in the clear



Jam Fusion - November 2004 (3 song demo)

Albino Rhino - Coming in 2007 (debut album)

Set List

We never have a typical set list. With every show we try to incorporate a specific "theme", making each show unique. These themes can affect which song we cover as well as how we play our original tunes.

- Greg the Nightmare
- Sands of time
- Guilty Spells
- Jazzgrass
- Thickerly
- Globally Marooned
- Poor Persephone
- A Tear for Bonnie
- Fungoid Diplomacy
- Cabin Fever
- Utopia
- Paradise Blend
- Lima
- Welcome to the Ranarium
- Fishy Graham Cracker

Some past covers:
- "Plastic Fantastic Lover" (Jefferson Airplane)
- "Wipeout" (The Safaris)
- "Strange Brew" (Cream)
- "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" (Iron Butterfly)
- "Don't Keep Me Wonderin'" (The Allman Bros.)
- "Where'd The Cheese Go" (Ween)
-"Inspector Gadget" (Theme Song)
-"Scooby Doo" (Theme Song)
-"Dance to the Music" (Sly & the Family Stone)