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London, England, United Kingdom

London, England, United Kingdom
Band Rock Pop


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"Karmine’s Pieces of Me has a subtle blend of Tom Petty-ish Americana with vocals reminiscent of Alanis Morissette. Great guitar work, an easy vibe and excellent production makes 'Pieces of Me' Dorset Rock Online’s Track of the Week.

http://www.dorsetrockonline.com/?p=2345 - dorsetrockonline

"Spot on arrangements and not just very good songs... Each song showcases their excellent chops and ideas which layer up better and better as each song plays its way. Soft and tasteful, nods to John Mayer's sounds with the top synth line of "Californian Rogues" hitting a lovely feeling which they've made their own without any doubt. They're style and tone is bridges from soft Rock, Light Funk & to Hard Blues Groove chops and as each song progresses you get a strong inclination they are very good at picking out all the right notes and forming them into very moving melodies. The production is trashy yet tight enough for you to hear everything, coupled with being stripped back just the right amount. I'm hitting repeat again and again..."
- Edward Lewis A&R / Creative Manager Continuum (Ex-Warner)

Karmine are tonight’s second band. They had a Dorset Rock Online Track of The Week for Pieces of Me and that distinct Americana vibe is carried off on stage with ease. Karmine are lively, refreshing and the whole band look exremely comfortable on stage. I can’t believe this is their first gig together. The audio mix during Karmine’s set is excellent, allowing us to hear the band’s full range. The warm atmosphere that’s associated with their studio material is present, albeit with a harder live edge. Karmine seem to fill a niche of their own and they’re definitely one to watch out for in the coming months.

http://www.dorsetrockonline.com/?p=2661 - Dorsetrockonline.com

For full review please look at the website;

Karmine are far too good to be kept as Bournemouth’s little secret – national and global recognition must surely await if they are capable of promoting themselves with even the slightest proficiency. If you are lucky enough to live nearby and are able to go and see the band at a small venue, do so, because if they sound as good live as they do on record, one suspects that Karmine are not going to be playing such places for long. As a fan, I await new material from Karmine not with anxiety, but with impatience – there just doesn’t seem any danger of a band so assured failing to deliver. - Sound Sense

"I listened to your songs i think their both fantastic. Perpetual Sin reminds me of those songs you feel you've heard before, or you should of heard, like its ingrained in our dna, an enevitability.. one of those things in life you wish you thought of first."

Sean, Mhz - Mhz

"The most exciting new band I've heard this year... Modern, vibrant, drums-guitar-bass, blokey blues rock - with a lively girly-girl vocalist!"
- George Shilling - Producer


Karmine - E.P



There isn’t anybody who does not make comparisons when you first talk about bands. With Karmine there are obvious targets– but these merely paint a picture of a band with a girl singer. The truth is that you would mentally have to put Lene Lovich or Marina Diamandis in front of an early Fleetwood Mac to get somewhere near Karmine.

Although they perform and write like a band with history Karmine only formed in 2009 and it was January 2010 before they actually played their first gig together – and they are good. Very good.

Here’s the form:

Charlotte Kavanagh. Vocals

Grew up in Bournemouth and had that seminal moment seeing Sheila E with Prince, deciding that at all costs she was going to perform. Became the drummer in an all girl punk band The Lillettes. Toured Europe, supported The Damned and generally started to alarm the Kavanagh parents. Linked up with bassist Alan Hill whose band were playing cool alternative rock. 2 years of writing, a studio job and various searches for guitar and drums for the band they wanted and Karmine was born.

Steve Perry. Guitar

It would seem fanciful to write that you grew up mainly in the tropics such as Fiji, Hawaii, West Indies etc. but that’s exactly how having a Merchant Navy father affected Steve, ending this nomadic existence at a West Country boarding school and a place in the school band. Good, honest pop/rock influences were having effect, and at 15 the guitar beckoned. After a spell was spent in rock band Fevertree, who toured Europe extensively he joined Karmine in 2009.

Alan Hill. Bass

This is the one part of the structure which fits the accepted make up of bands. Alan is the anchor man. Or as Ian Dury once said, the Columbia statue at the beginning of the film. Played bass for a number of bands, toured throughout the UK and has been in demand as a session player for more than a few studio and showcase gigs. Met Charlotte, and for the first time started writing before they went on to form Karmine.

David Eales. Drums

Drumming from 12, Dave graduated from Guildhall School of Music with distinction, toured Canada, performed at competition level throughout the UK and achieved Percussionist Of The Year before succumbing to the addiction of life in a rock band, and the intimate knowledge of most UK backstage rooms. Several bands, recordings, innumerable tours, and chance meetings culminated in Karmine where he and Alan provide a virtuoso backdrop for guitar and vocal.

To quote a recent review “for a band to sound so assured at such an early stage is a rare occurrence – by rights, Karmine should simply just not sound this good”

But they are.

Good. Very, very good.