London, England, GBR

“Wonderful” Bob Harris Radio 2

“it doesn’t get better than this... this is Karnataka” Rick Wakeman Planet Rock

“Symphonic and epic” Empire

"Griffiths' performance effortlessly glides over the music...Silver Screen's presentation and production oozes class and professionalism." Classical Crossover UK

“Karnataka.. A genuinely potent force… virtuoso” Classic Rock Presents Prog

“Stunningly pure soprano voice” Chigago Medhill Review

“The Gathering Light.. A sublime level of a


Sshhh, whisper... like all best kept secrets, Karnataka is spoken of in the hushed tones reserved for the most revered of bands; a band many believe is poised to climb much greater heights as they embark on their 15 date New Light UK tour.

Karnataka combine a widescreen vision with cinematic soundscapes, inspired by the distant echoes of their Celtic heartland. Ethereal vocal melodies woven through epic instrumentation combine to create a unique tapestry of sound. This best kept secret is longing to be shared.

The band’s recent release, The Gathering Light, winner of ‘Best International Album’ at the Web World Awards, is a real tour de force, a contemporary Celtic rock masterpiece that transcends musical boundaries, transporting you to an era when musicianship, creativity and individuality were the hallmark of British Rock legends. It is this unique sound that has been garnering the attention of such legends including Robert Plant, Status Quo and Porcupine Tree.

Lead Vocalist Hayley Griffiths is no stranger to the spotlight, starring in some of the worlds most successful stage productions including the Celtic phenomenon, ‘Riverdance’ and ’Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance’. Handpicked by Flatley himself, Hayley has performed across 4 continents in some of the world’s most prestigious venues from The Kremlin Palace, Moscow to The Akasaka Act Theatre, Tokyo, where she sang for Her Imperial Majesty Emperor of Japan. 2011 saw Hayley perform alongside Il Divo at the Royal Albert Hall to a televised audience of millions. Hayley’s beautiful, haunting voice has won her many plaudits including winning the Best Classical Crossover Album Award for her self- penned debut album, ‘Silver Screen.’

At the heart of the band is founding member, bassist/guitarist Ian Jones. His creative passion has been the driving force behind Karnataka since the bands inception. It was his obsessive journeys to the most majestic and sacred river of South India (the Kaveri in the state of Karnataka), in search of a giant mythical fish, the Mahseer, that gave the band its name. Defying the deathly sting of a scorpion, ravaging heat and a crocodile infested river, whilst in awe of the land and its people, Ian returned inspired. Karnataka was born.

From the relative obscurity of Genoa in Italy, Enrico Pinna has emerged as a guitarist of almost unlimited potential, his virtuoso playing and anthemic, strident solos, perhaps inspired by a desire to reach beyond the sea and mountains which surround his native city. Enrico has astounded seasoned observers with his scintillating guitar playing, which all who have witnessed it have felt duty bound to liken to the rock gods of British guitar music with comparisons to Beck, Page and Gilmour aplenty.

Keyboard player Cagri Tozluoglu hails from the historical, mystical city of Istanbul in Turkey where the Middle East meets the West in a cultural melting pot, and where arabesque sounds mingle with rock riffs and power pop choruses. His classical training and sublime playing are matched by his adoption of cutting edge sounds and technology. Cagri exemplifies the bands forward thinking and creative spirit, not content on reliving the past, his approach is progressive in the truest sense of the word.

Multi-instrumentalist Colin Mold brings a whole new dimension to the band’s sound, a kaleidoscope of colour that shines diamond bright from his eloquent violin playing and intricate, sometimes fragile acoustic guitar work, to soaring lead breaks; often moving effortlessly between all three within one song. Colin has made his mark on the band’s sound in the most beautiful of ways.


The Gathering Light - (Winner of Best International Album in the Web World Awards 2010.)

Silver Screen (Hayley's Original Album - Winner of Classical Crossover Album of the Year 2010)

Celtic Rose (Hayley's own album collection of Celtic Songs)

Strange Behaviour (Live Album)

Delicate Flame of Desire

The Storm

Karnataka (Debut EP)