Perth, Western Australia, AUS

"Karnivool is more like a religion than a band these days. While the act delivers the frantic message from the pulpit, the audience heaves and chants with every word, never letting up until the ritual is through."


When Perth five-piece heavy rock outfit Karnivool emerged in April 2005 with an album called Themata, two things were immediately obvious. One, here was a record that single-handedly set a new benchmark for heavy rock in this country and others for years to come. And two, Karnivool were going to be big. Really big.

Over the following years the band toured hard, selling out major venues wherever they played and attracting a hardcore cult of fans. Karnivool went on to earn three spots in the triple j ‘Hottest 100’ for the title track Themata, Roquefort (featuring The Cat Empire’s horn section) and their inspired reworking of electronic artist Gotye’s The Only Way. In 2007, at Perth’s prestigious WAMi Awards, they won five trophies: Most Popular Act, Most Popular Live Act, Best Male Vocalist (Ian Kenny), Best Guitarist (Drew Goddard) and Best Hard Rock Act. They became a drawcard act at the Big Day Out and other major rock festivals in Australia. And, after shifting 32,000 units of Themata completely independently, they secured an international licensing deal for the album in the US, UK, Canada and Mexico through the Bieler Bros label. Suddenly, this little ol’ prog-rock band from Perth were one of Australia’s biggest acts.

Sound Awake, their second and latest full-length, is a kaleidoscopic, multi-dimensional masterpiece. It’s a record that’s going to blow people away. Savell’s production is nothing short of awesome. Unlike the more clinical, hook-laden Themata, Sound Awake is a slow-burner. A grower. Rather than bludgeon people over the head with one of Themata’s trademark barnstorming riffs and soaring choruses, this is a considerably more technical, progressive record and Karnivool have chosen to draw the listener in slowly. And if that confounds some fans hanging out for the big dumb riff and the hook, it’s a risk the band are prepared to take.


Sound Awake LP (2009)
Themata LP (2005)
L1fel1ke SP (2003)
Persona EP (2001)