Karolos Voutsinas

Karolos Voutsinas

 Athens, Attica, GRC

An original, contemporary work by Greek composer Karolos Voutsinas with cross-cultural influences, vocalisations & instrumentation, which transcends universal boundaries, revealing the mystic power of harmony and rhythm that have timelessly moulded human intelligence and spirituality.


Karolos Voutsinas was born in Athens, Greece, of mixed Greek-British parents. His relation with music began at the age of 9, when he started to play the trumpet and piano. His rare talents in all areas of music emerged over the years and since 1981, music has become his profession. His early fascination with jazz has branched out to incorporate folk, traditional, world and sacred music genres to his repertoire, allowing him to develop and mature an easily recognizable personal style of both playing and composing. A long journey of rigour, discipline, and soul searching has led to his personal, artistic and creative development, of which his music is a faithful reflection. He has performed, travelled, lived, in England, Canada, Australia, USA, Ireland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Holland, Italy, Monaco, Hungary and Cyprus.



1. Karolos Voutsinas/The Story of the Return Home (Nostimon Imar) - 2009
2. Thanasis Polykandriotis/Hungarian Gipsy Orchestra - 1993
(Co-arranger & musical director side B: Karolos Voutsinas)
3. Yannis Zouganelis/Suxe - 1986
(Piano/Keyboards: Karolos Voutsinas)
4. You're Drivin' Me Wild - Maxi single, 1984
(TMusic By, Lyrics By, Arranged By [Vocal & Strings], Keyboards, Piano, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals: TKarolos Voutsinas)
5. Kostas Haritodiplomenos/Akatamahitos – 1989
(Co-songwriter: Karolos Voutsinas)

Set List

/Technical Rider including Backline

Grand Piano (Steinway or Yamaha)
Bass AMP
Full Drum Kit & stool
Percussion stool
9 stage Monitors
2 mics for piano
1 mic for wind instruments
2 mics for kanun & 1 DI Active
1 mic for lyra
1 mic for lead vocal
2 mics for percussion
7 for drums
1 DI for bass
15 mic stands
3 musicians armless chairs
8 music stands with light on