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Karon...is one of the newest things happening. He composed and wrote every song on his debut The"Close"Album. Listen to his hit single "Close" The song will encourage you to pursue and purpose your destiny with vision . His stage presence is eye-catching. CONTACT(404) 434-7564


At a young age I attended Philadelphia Independent C.O.G.I.C. where E.W. Hill is the pastor. At the age of eight, I sat in Sunday school with a young lady named Jennifer. I never paid much attention to her and don’t remember any contact that we had. I do remember falling in love with music around that time spending endless hours in my parent’s car hitting my head up against the headrest in rhythm from countless hits of the past.

Many years past, I went off to college, and Jennifer went into the Armed Forces. While majoring in Radio and Television Broadcasting, I developed a keen ear for music and taught myself to play the keyboard and built my own project studio. I was the co-founder of a hip-hop gospel group 1NE ACCORD (one accord), but the group dissolved after only one album. Even after the failed attempt, I couldn’t pry myself from the music that was in my heart. I learned that music was truly a part of me. Even though music is my ministry I had prayed to find the perfect mate to share this gift with.
After two meaningful long-term relationships ended in broken engagements, I had almost given up hope in finding the true love of my life.

Ten years after departing from Atlanta and traveling all over the world, Jennifer had been released from the military and appeared back at the church that we met in 20 years prior.

To make a long story short, I performed a song I composed on my birthday at church entitled ”Close”, she was there that day and it was obvious that the little girl that I barely remembered was now the woman that I couldn’t forget. That was a year ago and we were married on June 18, 2005 at our church.
My debut album"The Close Album", Seeking Closeness was released following the nuptials. I would really appreciate if you would play the title track "Close" from the album to let my wife know that we have come to close to our destiny to turn back now. All I want for the rest of our lives is to become closer and with God on our side, blessings are sure to follow. Malachi 3:10..."if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

The “Close” Album was completed while Karon assists Kent Wolfes, a 27 year-old, who was injured in a car accident, with his education. One of his markets is on a college campus because college is the last level before reality. He encourages the students to stay focused because “Only God can keep you “Close” to the destiny that is prepared for you.”



Written By: Karon

I'm getting close, closer to my destiny come follow he yes c'mon and join me I'm strongly pressing yeap it aint no stopping me I'm getting close uhh huh I'm getting close

I feel change in my soul like coins in my pocket cast down evil thinking we must stop it time to get to know ourselves in the Lord we are the body of Christ lets get on one accord I know it feels hard sometime to do whats right-but if u try in the end you'll be alright-yes I'm getting wiser as I live my days I'm looking at the saints and their peculiar ways....hey

I'm cool and serene at times on top of things whats the means I'm clean in the past i feigned on what I thought i needed on my knees asking for strength talkin to people of the world i believe that God is my pimp on purpose that is not get over attitude at times I'm out of place and some consider me rude
crude I know at minutes and i apologize for walking in this world thinking i'm the only one wise


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