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Ka'Ron Burgandy

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Ka'Ron Burgandy DGM Blog Interview"

Ka’Ron is an artist that I truly admire. After putting out Red Line about a year ago he’s been getting more and more exposure for his releases on SoundCloud. One of my favorites is “Undrafted” which is Ka’s remix to “Draft Day” from Drake. We did an extensive interview to see what the budding emcee is up to now, who inspires him and what we can expect from him in the next year. Check out our interview below and be sure to listen to his SoundCloud track above.

1) Can you start out by introducing yourself? What’s your name, where are you from, how old are you?

First and foremost, my name is Ka’ron aka Ka’ron Burgandy aka Ka’ron O’neal aka Ronny Fontane lol I hail from the southeast side of Chicago, born and raised for these past 27 yrs.

2) I first wanted to talk to you about your incredible manager Marshawn. How did you get involved with him? Has he been helpful so far?

I got involved with Marshawn through a childhood friend, who is also my label mate, G-B.A.L.L. and we hit it off immediately. He heard some music G & myself did some yrs ago, he inquired about me, and as nature ran its course it landed me here on Serious Sound. I’m more than grateful to have such and understanding, motivational, and hard working manager!!! Plus he, G, and myself are Libras so we understand each other well.

3) I’m a huge fan of the “Red Line: Koolaid and Swishers” project. When did you release that?

I released The Red Line vol 1: Kool-Aid & Swishers on August 31, 2012. It’s my brothers birthday and he played a significant role in me pursuing music as a career.

4) What was the response like for the project?

Honestly, the project did everything it was suppose to do. For one, it laid the foundation for myself as a solo artist (coming from being apart of the group/duo Skwod Deep aka The Skwod), it helped gain a street fan base, and it made those that thought I never could achieve this, take me serious.

5) You’ve got some very raw beats on “Red Line”, my favorite being “I Do What I Want.” Who were some of the producers that contributed to the project and how did you link up with them?

The majority of this project was produced by SC. I had a few joints from my Skwod brother J. Oneder, and two were produced by Anton Genius. The song “I Do What I Want” was actually produce by Oneder and SC collectively. Now that I think about it, that’s the very first beat Oneder and S ever collaborated on. I met Oneder when I was in 7th grade at Murray Language Academy and we’ve been brothers since. SC, well, let’s just say we go wayyyyyy back to he and my brothers friendship. As for Anton, we were introduced to this Genius when Oneder and I were building The Skwod’s name back I’m 2006. He ended up producing our song “Waiting” which was released on The Skwod “Perfect Timing EP” in 2006.

6) Before we dive in further to “Red Line”, when did you start rapping?

I began “rapping” when I was 12, I began “writing” when I was 10. I was always into R&B, so that’s how I found my way into music was writing R&B. As I got older, and being around my brother, I recognized my voice was getting heavier and had a natural talent for rhyming.

7) Have you made the decision to make this your full time job? Or are there other things that you’re interested in?

Music is something that runs through my veins, even when I’m at work I’m writing lyrics. Kind of like Eminem in 8 Mile, how he would be working, but even then it’s some lyrics he’s conjuring up lol that’s me. I have a few other interest, but I don’t want anybody to steal my idea lol so let’s just say I’m taking it one step at a time.

8) Do you remember your first written rap? What was the experience like and do you remember any of the bars?

I DEFINITELY remember my first bars written. Honestly, they weren’t written. I was in the backseat of the car, and my brother and his friend were up front freestyling. I was so in awe, seeing them come up with these words without writing, and I followed my brother in many ways. So, I said if he can do it, I HAVE to be able to. So while they were rapping, it just hit me. My brother called himself Dookie Montana, and he nicknamed me Chachi. He had a last name so I wanted one, so I changed my name to Chachi Juan. So, they’re rapping and I said, “Chachi Juan, Dook Montan, comin at you one time/we collabo, my rhymes bustin like shots from Rambo/” I was 12 as hell, spitting barssssss!!!

9) Who inspires you musically?

I mean, naturally there are too many musicians and writers that inspire me, but life! My mother, my friends, The Skwod, the poisons of life’s ills inspire me to continue because there is so much that needs to be said, that hasn’t been stated the way I’m going to deliver it.

10) What are your top 3 favorite albums of all time?

Top 3 of all time?!? S**t, wow that’s tough!!!! R. Kelly “R.”, Life After Death, and The Final Tic. There are so many I wanna name like Southernplayalisticfunkymusic, Illmatic, Doggystyle, Creepin on a Come up. Yeah, hard question!!!

11) When I heard “Red Line” in it’s entirety it reminded me a lot of “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” because every track was tight and focused, and each song let your audience get to know exactly who you are as an artist and man. Did any artists or albums influence you while creating this project?

I wish I could give you an intriguing, intricate, well articulated answer, but no. It was just what I was feeling at that point in life. It just happened….like unprotected sex lol.

12) How long did it take to craft this project? What was the motivation behind creating this?

Believe it or not, this project took me MAYBE a month to make. I was in a zone, I couldn’t stop writing. Not to mention a few songs I already had a verse for, and all I had to do was make a second. It came quickly….like unprotected sex lmao I had to lol.

13) “Undrafted” is your most recent track that you’ve released which is a new take on “Draft Day” from Drake. Why did you decide to call it “Undrafted”?

I named it “Undrafted” because that’s who I am. I’m the player being over looked by the scouts. Not to mention most of it was freestyled. I only wrote a few bars then I just took off.

14) One of the lines from “Undrafted” that I found very interesting was “I feast till I collapse.” Is this how you see you and your rap career? Explain a little bit more about that.

Have you ever ate so much you got tired? Like you’re just eating and eating because it’s so good, and the only reason you stop eating is because you’re damn near about to pass out. Perhaps that is parallel to my career. I want to make great music and more great music and more great music until the only thing left to do is go to sleep, wake up, and do it all over again.

15) “Million Dollar Mouthpiece” is another freebie you released a few months ago. Your flow and sound is different than “Red Line” and “Undrafted.” It seems to be more cocky and aggressive. I love it. What mindset did you have going into this track?

When I made “Million$Mouthpiece” I was feeling myself I guess. I wanted to have fun and I wanted to describe the change I was seeing in myself after releasing my first solo project. I’m so modest and humble on real life, I wanted to remind my competition and audience, “Yes, I know who I am and what I’m capable of just as much as you do!!!”

16) The Chicago hip-hop scene has been booming for awhile. Who are some Chicago artists that you’d like to work with?

Definitely Lupe off back!!! He’s such an inspiration I feel I owe him royalties lol. Jeremih, I know it’s R&B but he’s cold. I can’t forget Common and Twista. Marvo, Sly, Bishop Ford, Bump when he get out. I like Louie and Herb, but I really just like me.

17) Let’s talk about what we can expect from you from the last part of this year. Is a new project in the works?

Actually, you’ll be getting “The Red Line vol 2: The Legend of Ka’ron Burgandy” verrrrry soon. Million$Mouthpiece is the first single, I have features from Prob Cause, The Boy Illinois, Giftz, Ray Illa, Oneder, G-B.A.L.L., Krispy Mula, my homie Point, and it’s hosted by my mother!! I had a ball making this project. The majority is produced by SC once again. He and I have an EP we’re going to release entitled “Memoirs of a Gentleman & a Scholar”. I’ve got a lot of visuals from the project, and a few other interesting things in the works. Just keep your eyes open and your ears peered.

18) Can we expect any new singles?

The next single will be “I See What Y’all Be On” ft The Boy Illinois which will be dropping on a few weeks. Or I may switch it up and put out “Lettin Up” ft G-B.A.L.L. This is being debated as of now.

19) Where do you think you will be this time next year?

This time next year, on tour making life better for my family, my team, and myself. Matter of fact, that’s where I WILL be!!!

20) Where can we find you on social media?

You can find me on twitter @karonburgandy

Fb: KaRon Burgandy IG: karon0neal

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Redline: Koolaid and Swishers



Being a Hip-Hop artist residing in the region of Chicago, Illinois is pretty tough. But, KaRon Burgandy being the amazingly versatile spitter he is, makes himself stand out and present his talent without a problem. Most artist would have one particular style to them that presents their expertise. But, when it comes to KaRon, he has several ways of creating his music, thus presenting him as one of the hardest emcees thats up and coming in the Chicago region. Being one-half of the group The SKWOD, the young emcee Burgandy started his journey into being one of the illest emcees this country has ever heard. Inspired by artist such as The Notorious BIG, Eminem, Crucial Conflit, Twista and many others, KaRon started to formulate his own style of rapping. While rapping in the group of The SKWOD (Created at Kenwood Academy), he help release three major known projects such as, Street Knowledge The Perfect Timing E.P. and The Path. As KaRon was on the rise to success, he was soon a victim of a near fatal car accident (in 2008), but luckily he survived. At this point, KaRon put everything else aside and see that it was time for him to make this journey to success in the Hip-Hop industry real. He was hungry for success and he was determined to be more than just the average. Now he has evolved into an even better artist with a twist as, KaRon Bugandy. With KaRon being a year stronger as an artist, he has released his recent mixtape Redline vol. 1: Koolaid & Swishers. With his music being presented to the world and KaRon being a highly determined artist, this rising star will soon be heard through every radio, mp3, and in every venue all across the world very soon. And as of recently Ka'Ron Burgandy is an official A3C 2014 artist.

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