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"Karova - The Albert - Brighton - 25/05/08"

Finally, London band Karova planted their polished white trainers on stage.

‘Oy! I need a brandy and coke’ was aimed at no-one in particular by Karova’s lead vocalist, before they blazed into ‘Think for yaself’ with unprecedented ease. Karova’s style minced somewhere between Black Grape and early Oasis as they exuded a charming and contagious energy to everyone in the room.

Sharp guitar riffs and a tight intimacy resumed to the end, and I haven’t felt so lifted by a live band since I was treading the waters of the early-nineties. Like a gorgeously intense espresso, they were easily the indefectible silver lining of the night.

Beki Turner - Brighton Latest 7 Magazine - Beki Turner - Latest 7

"Karova - The Hobgoblin - Staines - October 2008"

It is a truth, self evident, that Men love music. But straight men don’t like to dance. For men, music is for listening whereas, for ladies, music is to dance to and romance to.

And what is lacking at the moment, for us manly men, is some geezer music. Just think about it for a moment. When was the last time you heard or downloaded a track that was meant for real men? For geezers.

Karova see themselves as somewhere between ‘Black Grape’ and early ‘Oasis’ and I know what they mean. They cheesefully exude britpopishness with vim and elan and they are also (like London) not to be danced to. There is a bit of 1970’s ‘Who’ in there and fat slices of ‘Stone Roses’ crunched up with ‘Happy Mondays’, a bit like a musical version of a cheese and onion crisp sandwich topped with gherkin. The music is finished off with thin slices of ‘Small Faces’ style sounds to add piquancy. This music has charm, it has a boyish grin, it is laddish. If Karova was a dog it would be loveable scamp- a wet terrier. Sharp riffs and lots of singsong choruses -a wink and a smile for the lay-dees. Karova are cheeky and leering. But they are men’s men and mean business. Paul the Tool pouts and sneers. He heads straight to the bar afterwards for more beer and jokes with his mates. This is the real stuff. Then he stands still for London. Dead still. Because men don’t dance.

I wish there was more geezer music in the world right now. Stuff like ‘London’ and Karova. ‘Cos like Morrissey (The Smiths) said, “I am human and I need to be loved / Just like everybody else does”.

Neil Mach - Staines Art & Lifestyle - Neil Mach - Staines Art & Lifestyle


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We are We are.....

In Karova's short time on the circuit we've already played "Death Disco" at The Notting Hill Arts Club, The Old Blue Last, Bar Rumba, The Borderline, The Water Rats, The Boogaloo, The Bullet Bar for XFM Uploaded. The Magnet in Liverpool, the Albert in Brighton. We're one of the only bands to ever play at the Britpop pub "The Good Mixer" in Camden. We've supported The Rifles, Proud Mary & they've played at a Charity gig for Action Aids BOLLOCKS TO POVERTY!

Phew! Not Bad for 2008 ay?

2009 ere we come...

So far in 2009 we've supported Pete Doherty & after playing two packed out gigs at the Water Rats, we managed to procure ourselves a residency there, first saturday of every month - starting on the first weekend of April. We've also got another residency/our own night at the Proud Galleries in the pipe-line, look out for Camden-Nights coming real soon like...