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Karusso is originally from Miami, Florida but currently calls Orlando home. His fans will tell you that there is real truth to his writing and his live performances speak power and passion. Karusso’s music is truly a release of raw emotions. He writes about triumph over struggle, the interlude between love and loss, and the fight for respect. His music is a look into his past experiences, a glimpse of where he wants to go, and a journey he hopes you'll take with him. Thus, Anthems of Life was born and will soon hit the streets. The mix tape hosted by Karusso, is sure to deliver hot beats and bold lyrics. The 15 track compilation includes 5 originals like, My Dream, Lovin you, and Chance at Luv. Anthems of Life features guest appearances by Adept, Andre, Blitz to name a few. Armed with a mic, Karusso is sure to deliver what the industry and the streets have been asking for, hip hop at its finest.


Atmospheric Disturbance 2004
Nobodies 2006
Anthems Of Life 2007 (In progress)