I perform highly original folk/pop crossover with a heartfelt intensity and a driving rhythm. My songs are like stories that reflect my observations on love, life and relationships coupled with a powerful songwriting force and lyrical strength.


KARYN BLACK is a highly experienced singer, writer, performer and recording artist. Her unique ability to combine her folk/pop roots with contemporary dance has attracted attention from U.K production luminaries like STEPHEN 'BEANZ' RUDDEN (Seal, Adamski and Love City Groove) and programming wizard JAMES SANGER (Dido, Keane). She was previously signed to the now disbanded but world reknowned Acuff Rose Publishing group in London.
She cites her influences as ranging from David Gray to Lucinda Williams and from Jacque Brel to Dido.

Karen Elizabeth Black grew up in Newport, Rhode Island. The youngest of four, she has two brothers and a sister. She became involved in music, dance and theatre at the early age of five. Her mother directed the family in a singing and dancing act, called the Four Fabulous Fennesseys which toured all over New England.

Karyn recalls, "Music surrounded me from a very early age. My brothers and sisters were always playing the record player and singing around the house. My mother held rehearsals in the kitchen and we had to practice our dance numbers and harmonies every night. We were constantly performing in clubs throughout New England. As we grew older, our interests diversified. My brother Kevin even started a bluegrass band."
Her brothers played banjo, mandolin, and guitar while Karyn sang harmony. Soon after, she started to teach herself the guitar and by the age of fourteen she had written her first song. At sixteen she was performing folk-pop music on her own as well as singing lead with several local bands.

From this point on, she established herself as a professional singer/songwriter and performed many nights in Newport and Boston while going to school. After her college graduation, Karyn moved to New York City. Karyn was invited to make several extended tours throughout the West Indies to huge acclaim, but she always returned for performances in New York, opening for Jose Feliciano at one point. She started The Karyn Black Band in Tampa which became locally very popular under her management. She moved to Nashville in 1994 and signed on with producer Clay Mills, set up her own record company (Fennessey Records), and formed her publishing company, Karyn Black Music. She co-produced Beneath the Sheltering Sky, her first album, and shortly after production ended she moved to London to tour in Europe and to promote the album there.

Karyn has performed numerous times in London at the Mean Fiddler, The Borderline, 12 Bar Club, and The Garage as well as in Holland, France, and Spain. She has recently moved back to the United States, returning to Nashville, Playing at the world famous Bluebird Cafe and Exit/In. Karyn will continue to perform in Europe on a regular basis. She has just completed her second album, Blinding, which is receiving considerable interest from record labels and publishers in London.




Blinding (You Let Our Love Slip Away)

Words and music Karyn Black

Like the pulse on the screen
As the sound slowly fades
Or the candle that burns in the wind
Like the fields standing naked
Right after the plough
0r the desert in the eye of the storm

It's blinding, it's blinding, it’s blinding me
It’s blinding, it’s blinding, till I can't see
How you let our love slip away
You let our love slip away
You let our love slip away

Like the seed that gets crushed
Right under your foot
Or the flower that wilts in midday
Like a baby rolls over
Then tries to sit up
Like the wave that breaks before the salt spray

I guess you did it 'cause you’re really afraid
I guess you did it out of fear
I guess you did it ’cause you love like you do
And lose all you had

And it’s blinding, it’s blinding, it’s blinding me
It’s blinding, it’s blinding, till I can’t see
How you let our love slip away
You let our love slip away
You let our love slip away



Written by
Karyn Black

I remember the day we met The park, the snow, it was coming down Your face, how it shined, how it shined
You turned yourself on me

You promised how you’d always love me
Then I whispered the same to you
I unbuttoned your shirt
You pulled me down the bare wall

Over the threshold baby
Wipe my face in the night
Here she is hold her tight
Then another, sweet as pie
Here he is, is that a lie?

Remember the morning leaving New York City
Music blaring out our window, dreams flying high in the air
Our song that played over and over again
Our laughter fell everywhere

Remember Oregon out west, juicy berries
Running out of gas, saying here's the good news
We're expecting the first, expecting the best
I'll leave you with all the rest

Over the threshold baby
Wipe my face in the night
Here she is hold her tight
Then another, sweet as pie
Here he is, is that a lie?

The midnight drive from Longboat Key
Delicious meal you served me on my knees
We made our life in the heat of the night
Then swept it all away

Then there was the night that it all crashed
Eighteen years, why couldn’t it last?
You pulled me up from the ground
When I came to you never turned around…..


Southbound Records 2000 10 track album

Acuff Rose Music 2001 3 track EP

Fennessey Records 2005 10 track album

Set List

Accustomed to 3 x 45 mins of my own songs or a mix of my own and covers from a wide field:
Johnny Cash/Lucinda Williams/Jacque Brel/Bette Midler/Carly Simon etc.