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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Reviewer Magazine
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Karyn Roy Smith: "When the Stars Come Out"

More and more people are expressing their artistic sides and writing their own music and putting out their own CDs and so on. It's not just garage bands who record their own demos anymore. Karyn Roy Smith has just crafted a lush pop CD with bubbly, dance stuff on it for your listening pleasure. If you like to go out dancin' with your loved one, this will probably be the one that induces you to get out and hit the dance floor.
What with songs like "Beautiful Again", "When the Stars Come Out" and "Swept Away" how can you possibly go wrong? Dig the soothing, sensual melodies, the carefree, windswept soundscape. You'll fall asleep with a smile on your face.
What is more, Ms. Smith isn't just some dumb chanteuse, she's written all her own songs, created a style all her own and has taken it to the streets. If you're in the mood for light summer fare this is probably the one for you. For more information, check out: www.myspace.com/karynroysmith

Kent Manthie

Reviewer Magazine


- Reviewer Magazine

"Review - When the Stars Come Out"

Karyn Roy Smith


by Jennifer Grassman, May 25th, 2007

Karyn Roy Smith's youthfully candid vocals and energetic melodies immediately draw in her listener. While her music radiates vivacity and optimism, her lyrics are intriguingly thoughtful and down-to-earth. Ranging in topic from love and relationships to God and dealing with loss, Karyn infuses her songs with intelligence, deeper meaning, and compelling emotion.

The beauty in Karyn's voice is derived not only from its youthful charm but also from her clean vocal style. Listening to Karyn sing is like listening to the meditations of a friend. Similar in tone to that of Vanessa Carlton, Karyn's voice almost hints at traces of jazz, while her songs boast a lyrical maturity comparable to that of Sarah McLachlan.

A fabulous example of Karyn's skill as a lyricist is her song Luminous Thing, which reads, "Like cold stars whose light will fail by dawn… Like warm rain, wash away what else remains… Like boxes of wind… Can I still be moved by what's unseen?"

While her vocal style exudes innocence, her vocal melodies are quite complex and refreshingly different, resulting in catchy songs that are "radio-ready" yet well outside the box. Producer Jon LaCroix touches up Karyn's songs with beautiful and often enigmatic sounding piano melodies, while Steve Harriton adds a punchy rock element via electric guitars.

Beautifully orchestrated and lovingly assembled, Karyn's CD, When The Stars Come Out, is a collection of one compelling song after another. Karyn's thought provoking words and uniquely beautiful melodies are the hallmark of this, her debut album.

Review by Jennifer Grassman for Bella Donna Fair.

www.JenniferGrassman.com & MySpace.com/BellaDonnaFair
- Jennifer Grassman for Bella Donna Fair

"When the Stars Come Out"

"Karyn Roy Smith's debut album "WHEN THE STARS COME OUT" offers a glimpse into the intimate soul that is Karyn Roy Smith. This breath of fresh air offers an undeniable honesty while offering something truly unique to the content. Teamed with up and coming producers Jon LaCroix and Steve Harriton, Karyn created lush sonic landscapes, only outshined by her infectious melodies. When The Stars Come Out tells stories of love, loss, and self doubt while subtly showing the light, all while retaining her intimate style..."


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Ok, I'll cut to the chase, since no one has time to read a long bio anymore. And if you do want one, you can visit www.karynroysmith.com, 'cause there's a long one there for your perusal.

I love Tori Amos, U2, and Sarah McLachlan (Fumbling Era especially). You can hear strains of them in all my music. A new influence is Death Cab for Cutie which my producers turned me onto. My sound is a hybrid of all of these artists, with a sprinkling of some good ole pop affectations, just to lighten up what can be some particularly heavy themes in my music: loss of innocence, regret, longing, and even the overwhelming feeling of being loved intimately. I work hard on being vulnerable lyrically! And the boys (producers) worked hard on the production! Hopefully these elements all coalesce into a tasty morsel that leaves you with some substance in the end, good food for thought...

Hope you enjoy...