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Detroit, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop Trip-hop





19-year old Detroit rapper and Bruiser Brigade member Kash The Kushman teams up with Bruiser’s resident producer collective Bulletproof Dolphin for this new joint “On The Block”. Bulletproof Dolphin recently showed up on the much-anticipated LuckiX tape which dropped out of Chicago two weeks ago. Look for more work from Kash this summer, as well as a string of summer shows he and his Renegade 777 team crew will be hosting in Detroit. - Assemble

"Discussing the Detroit hip-hop scene in 2015 with Tele-K666"

The newly-thriving Detroit hip-hop scene is lush with rappers who don’t really follow the beaten path when it comes to rap style. Danny Brown, Detroit-native, is spicing up the national rap game with EDM-influenced beats and a very unique rapping style. His crew, the Bruiser Brigade, is following in his path and each member is bringing something fresh to the scene. Part of that group and its affiliates (such as similar crew Nightmerica) are rappers such as Kash tha Kushman, Dopehead and xXxTOMAHAWKxXx, rappers that have as much as a Detroit sound as anyone right now. One of the most important tools to a new hip-hop sound is the producer, and the architect behind that is Tele-K666.

Tele-K666, real name Mike Kazmar, grew up in the Detroit area (Lincoln Park, to be exact), and some of his sound is influenced by Detroit underground hip hop legends. One of his biggest influences, Tele-K66 says, is the rap group Natas— a group formed on the east side of Detroit that paved the way for hardcore rap groups like Insane Clown Posse.

“Esham [the group’s producer], to me, was making dope ass dark beats and his lyrics were very shocking,” says Tele-K666, “They caught my ear.”

That’s not the only music Tele-K666 listens to. He has also been influenced by artists like Three 6 Mafia, Michael Jackson and more. That doesn’t mean he listens to all music, though, says Tele-K666.

Regardless of whether it is due to his influences or his own personal sound, Tele-K666 is one of the most intriguing producers coming out of Detroit. Although his signature lo-fi synth sound and dark, evil imagery can be seen as innovative in hip-hop, Tele-K666 doesn’t think so. Instead of describing his music in the way that most would describe it, he was seemingly pretty modest.

“I have a dark sound that may or may not have been made while being drunk? I like booze!” he says.

He has only been around for a few years in the rap scene, and it is due to his most common collaborator and fellow death-rap mogul of Nightmerica, xXxTOMAHAWKxXx.

“I helped record a band he was in called ‘Grandfather’,” he says, “It was just brutal shit.”

His sound produced with xXxTOMAHAWKxXx is what really put him on the map with fellow Detroit rappers. Eventually, he produced a song for xXxTOMAHAWKxXx called aptly titled “Death Rap”, featuring Bruiser Brigade’s Dopehead. That song was Tele-K666’s first foray into the Bruiser Brigade scene, but it wouldn’t be his last.

Eventually, Tele-K666 started to produce more with Bruiser Brigade members and affiliates. He produced the Kash tha Kushman song “Bus Ride”, which happens to be one of my favorite underground tracks that has come out of Detroit in the past couple of years. It is one of the coolest music videos out there (thanks to freshflix.tv) and was the song that actually put me on to his production.

Recently, Tele-K666 also been producing for other artists around the city lately such as Maz Michigan and Jimmy Stoner. Less than a month ago, he produced a great track with three of his most common collaborators— xXxTOMAHAWKxXx, Dopehead and Kash tha Kushman. It’s called “Casualties”, a high-tensity track with slow raps and up-tempo, high-pitched keys layered over powerful drums and bass.

Now, Tele-K666 says he’s in the process of working on an album for xXxTOMAHAWKxXx.

“Producing and recording [the album] is really the main goal,” says Tele-K666, “We’ve been having a lot of different producers come with heat for the album as well, which is pretty cool.”

The album is due out sometime this year. It is going to be very interesting to see how Tele-K666 influences the game in 2015.

“A lot of stuff is in store for this year,” he says, “A lot of things that will set up the future very well.” - Jamsay

"Danny Brown & Bruiser Brigade wow crowd at hometown show - Detroit Music Mag"

Thanksgiving Eve is known colloquially as “the biggest bar night of the year,” as travelers across the nation return to their hometowns and reunite with friends before a day of football and Butterball. The evening before Turkey Day was occasion for another homecoming, though, as Danny Brown and his rap group Bruiser Brigade played a rare Detroit date at The Majestic Theatre. The show proved to be a multi-course feast, but instead of mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, the offerings were musical, with a line-up that included DJ Black Noi$e, Ka$h tha Kushman, Fat Ray, Dopehead, and Zelooperz.

Of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without libations, which fortunately The Majestic had plenty of. Once appropriately lubricated, the keyed-up crowd was ready to be wowed, and Danny Brown did not disappoint. The rapper – clad in a Ralph Lauren sweater emblazoned with a preppy teddy bear – blazed through stories of lovin’, druggin’, and mean muggin’ all nimbly spit in his trademark yip of a voice. Attendees were already bumping from the jump, thanks to Brown’s DJ, Skywlkr, who hyped everyone up with a mix of club anthems by Chief Keef, Waka Flocka Flame, and A$AP Ferg, which he punctuated with such noises as AIM notifications or iPhone ringtones.

This proved to be the perfect intro for the rapper, who dove right into a show that drew primarily from his latest album Old, but that felt fresh and full of energy. When the artist asked the audience to sing along to “Smokin’ & Drinkin’”, it became clear many people were taking his instructions one step further, which only added to the wild atmosphere. That lysergic sense carried through in numbers such as “Dope Song” and “Kush Coma,” before getting things all the way turnt with the party anthem “Dip.”

Danny Brown, who made a surprise appearance the night before during El-P and Killer Mike’s Run the Jewels set, did not once flag in energy. He exuded enough passion for everyone to temporarily forget the loved ones they may have left in the lurch by going to the show. By the final encore, no one in attendance would leave feeling unsatiated, and for that Detroit must give many thanks, bruh bruh. - Khalil


"The Red Bull Books Signing Event was quite nice, international Dj Chairman Mao was providing the music while folks, just chilled danced, drank and chatted. The event was located downtown at an arts center, with some groovy architecture. From there I went with a few newly acquired Friends Dj Earl, Clay, And Local spitter Ka$h tha KushMan, over to Coney Island and grabbed some food at a hot dog spot. Chopped it up with them and then went back to Ka$h downtown loft and listened to his album that he's putting out soon under Bruiser Brigade, which I hear is Danny Brown's Collective. All and I really have to say is, that this dude will be up next. Like truly mark my word. Ka$h tha Kushman will be a household name in a few years, the dude simply got it. " - Mvstermind

"New Visuals for Kash Tha Kushman"

Today we’ve got the first look at visuals for “On The Block”, the debut single off Kash the Kushman’s forthcoming album Hooligan’s Paradise. Kash, whose real name is Marcel Davis, may be the youngest member of the Danny Brown associated Bruiser Brigade, but he’s carving out an increasingly prominent place in Detroit’s heavy-hitting hip-hop landscape. He just ended his first Michigan tour with prolific footwork producer DJ Taye from Teklife, and other summer releases include a standout feature on Prada Leary’s track “It’s Lit” alongside Supakaine.

“On The Block” is a collaboration with Detroit producer super-group Bulletproof Dolphin, who provides production for all of Kash’s forthcoming full-length. The video gives you a look into the dynamic life of a young man hustling to survive in Detroit while developing an intricate artistry and maintaining an authentic character. It’s a vivid depiction of Kash’s role as a performer, trapper, and leader of the underground organization, 777 Renegade.

The video is directed and edited by Danny Z and Adam S of Renegade.TV. Danny Z is a member of 777 Renegade and lead director of the brand new underground network Renegade.TV, which is a depiction of the lifestyle of Renegade and friends, ranging from event recaps to artist profiles. Adam Skorupskas is a known writer and associate producer. He’s had his hand in comedic shorts “Tiny Ocean” and “Valhalla Blues”. He’s also the writer of ‘Invisible Graffiti’, published in the anthology “Burnt Tongues” edited by Chuck Palahniuk, Dennis Widmyer, and Richard Thomas. - Assemble Sound

"Cultural Cannibalism: Detroit's New Underground Music"

The KushMan

In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that Martez Claybren is a friend of mine. But he’s also a friend of just about every artist in Detroit, it would seem, including Ka$h Tha KushMan, the youngest member and most recent addition to the Bruiser Brigade — a Detroit rap collective directed by and stylistically organized around the music of Danny Brown. Brown is, I would argue, the best rapper Detroit has ever produced (with apologies to Eminem), and without question the most innovative, blending EDM, hip-hop and its British iteration, grime, into a menacingly surrealist product that fits the landscape of Detroit like a glove. And unlike other Detroit rappers like Big Sean or Eminem, Brown seems legitimately interested in producing a school of Detroit hip hop that is both stylistically distinct and large enough and to assert itself as a legitimate challenge to the West Coast, Atlanta and East Coast varieties.

With rap wunderkind chops, Martez’s connections with the Chicago footwork scene and official support from the elder Bruisers, who started sneaking him into clubs around the city when he was 14 years old, Ka$h seems poised to create a body of work as technically skilled and stylistically innovative as Danny Brown’s. I met him for an interview with his manager, Takayla Patterson, at a coffee shop on Grand River in Downtown Detroit. Ka$h arrived late with a tattoo-covered blonde girl who I was not introduced to and sat at a separate table, eating Chobani, for the entirety of the interview. He kissed Takayla on the forehead before sitting down and then explained that he was tired, having been up all night tripping on acid. He was eating a muffin.

Detroit’s hip-hop scene has always been underground, essentially, and would continue to be so were it not for J Dilla, Danny Brown and, to a lesser extent, Eminem. As Ka$h describes it, that scene is just now beginning to move past a schism created by Brown’s unconventional style and eventual rise to fame.

“I just know, back when Danny, when he was early starting, his voice is so weird that a lot of the cats in the city were like ‘We don’t really fuck with it. We don’t like it,’ ” Ka$h said. “And later in the years when it evolved into the Bruiser Brigade, we separated ourselves because those people were trying to kick it with us all of the sudden.”

But Detroit’s rappers clearly have ambition — Brown, Dej Loaf, Big Sean and Eminem are all proof that the city has the ability to produce national stars. And as I talked to Ka$h, it became clear that he sees the city’s underground hip-hop scene shooting to the forefront of its national counterpart.

“The artists start to realize that doing it by they self, they’re not gonna make it as far,” he said. “That’s why the city of Detroit doesn’t have as many big stars as Atlanta or California — it’s because there, even through their beefs, they still unify when it comes to the music. So I think Detroit is finally just seeing that and saying that they need to set aside all the B.S. and just make it work.”

And, while Ka$h can understand why the city’s hip-hop scene has the history it does, he sees the younger generation of rappers — rappers who feel just as at home in the city’s hip-hop community as they do in the generic melting pot that characterizes the rest of its underground music — are doing the work necessary to move toward a unified community of artists.

“Me, personally, I’m trying to kill that, because like, that was then, that was 10 years ago. We’re all pretty much in the same position now, we need to get together.” - The Michigan Daily

"Bruiser Brigade member Kash Tha Kushman just released a new music video "MATRAXSKINNY"."

Kash Tha Kushman is an impressive Grime influenced Hip Hop lyricist hailing from Detroit city.

He has impressed, collaborated and performed along side Bruiser Brigade members including Danny Brown, Skywlkr, Dopehead and Zelooperz. He has also worked with and gotten recognition from many chart-topping artists and producers across the country, such as OG Taxx from 808 Mafia, DJ Earl and DJ Taye from TekLife, French rapper Izzy Paper, and many others.

Although Kash grew up listening to listening to classic hip-hop, his bars are heavily influenced by Metal and the UK Grime movement pioneered by Dizzee Rascal, Lethal Bizzle, Skepta and many others.

Kash Tha Kushman is definitely an up and coming star to keep your eyes on. Here's his latest music video that dropped yesterday! - Taylor Dall


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