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San Diego, California, United States | SELF

San Diego, California, United States | SELF
Band R&B Jazz


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Miss this at your peril!"

Music has unfortunately become a disposable commodity; consisting largely of 'one hit wonders' and the played out repetitious cycle of A&R seeking out yet another beautiful face that sells. Contrary to this growing trend and demise enters the enigmatic Kashious; singer, songwriter, musician and producer. Quite simply, this album has restored my faith and, indeed, enthusiasm for the future of the music industry. Such talents and the ability to move the listener in this way is incredibly rare.

Kashious is a multi-talented musician; an accolade to be proud of, but it is unquestionably his powerful tenor voice and visceral lyrical expression that sets him apart.

His self-titled album consists of eight tracks; a plethora of styles to maintain a broad interest and following amongst music purists. Listening to the opening song 'The Way I Am' instantly reveals a thought provoking man with an unashamed expression of emotion. After all, this is what essentially makes for quality soul, and without relenting, this album is exceptional.

'Lov'z Eternal' has a slightly more contemporary feel, floating quite effortlessly and sounding similar to more recent works by former Def Jam artist Tashan.

Tracks 4 and 5 serve a plateau of jazz/soul to satisfy any appetite. The infectious groove of 'Motel Blues' is an absolute gem. With a soaring vocal of pleading heartfelt honesty, we hear Kashious declaring his on -the -road blues whilst unavoidably parted from his lady. 'Twinkle In My Eye' offers a new slant not just to Kashious the artist , but the man himself. He reminisces of an old love that has clearly been a thorn in his side. Within the vocal can be heard an almost celebratory triumph of his ability to move forward with his life. This is jazz tinged soul at its very best; the voice sublime and the lyrics intrinsically linked to anyone who has been through the emotional trials of a broken relationship.

'Make My World Go Round' is a soulful blues offering, with yet another awesome vocal delivery intertwining perfectly with a classic blues guitar. This would not be out of place on the excellent Blaxploitation sets of the 70's.

A more socially conscious Kashious appears with a gritty and exceptionally powerful performance on 'To Make A Difference'. He belts out, "...put your best foot forward.." and with this track, he most certainly has! This is a classic in the making.

The final track, 'Bad Luck' is a sax infused blues ballad that simply must be heard to fully capture the pure emotion that is created in his voice. Priceless!

This is without doubt one of the best debut albums of the last decade, and indeed, could stand tall alongside any artist and from any era. Real music for real people. So, "put your best foot forward".....and miss this at your peril.

- David Bonser; Big Ear Digital


Album KASHIOUS: Kashious released March 2007. Various tracks streaming at www.myspace.com/kashious and www.cdbaby.com/cd/kashious



KASHIOUS’s incredible voice grows from its deep earthy roots of clay and soars to the heavens with an amazing tonal span that clearly defines the term “soaring tenor”. That’s Soul.

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., KASHIOUS found his start in a truly gifted musical family. His mother, brother and sister, all gifted vocalists, shared their love of music both in the home and at church. And like many of the R&B greats before him, saw that deep-seated love and attraction to all thing musical blossom with his exposure to the true grit and soul baring performances of artists like B.B. King, Ernie Isley, Marvin Gaye and Aaron Neville. It’s art from the heart that transfixed him and influenced his style.

As a child, KASHIOUS would listen to their music over and over while strumming his guitar until he had the chords down perfectly. He had to know the same joy and depth of feeling on a personal level that he experienced when listening to these greats. He approached each performance from every angle, which meant he taught himself those performances note for note…not only on guitar, but on the drums, the bass and the keyboard, too.

But it’s that voice that sets him apart…that raises him to the rarely achieved level of expression best exemplified by his mentoring artist’s works.

Singer, songwriter and musician, it’s KASHIOUS’s voice that can bring the unprepared listener to his or her knees; it is that powerful, that extraordinary and that very, very rare. It’s that rare voice that cuts from the earthy heart of his existence to reach legendary heights of expression. Yes, he’s been compared to greats like Luther Vandross and Marvin Gaye, but the quality and beauty of his voice belong to him, and him alone.

In his first R & B single, “Lov’z Eternal”, he speaks with compassion and pain, of enduring that “dark place” more than necessary. His vocal harmonies only add to its impact. Other songs such as “Bad Luck” and “The Way I Am” range in genres blending funk, jazz, and soul.

It’s been no easy journey. With the encouragement of his family, KASHIOUS left Colorado where he’d spent some fifteen years of his life, and made the move to San Diego in 2005. All in pursuit of his life’s dream.

In October of 2006, producer Rusty Gordon discovered this amazing talent, and believed that this was a talent that had to be heard. Under Gordon’s direction, KASHIOUS’s dynamic vocal range and songwriting abilities are showcased on his debut CD, “Kashious”.

He’s currently in the studio working on his next CD, with a target release of August 2007, and preparing to tour in fall 2007.

You can begin your journey into KASHIOUS’s music at: www.kashious.com.

For any lover of heartfelt musical expression, it’s a journey well worth embarking upon!