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Kash Kasanova is an artist who music is influenced by all music. His sound is always bouncy and raw and is made to make people move. There is no other way to describe it. His down south hip hop sound is like no other and commands respect from the people no who they are or where they are from.


Before anyone in Laredo, Texas knew what hip hop was all about, Kash pioneered the sounds that everyone now imitates in his community. Since he was fourteen years old Kash Kasanova made it his life's work to make music. He was introduce to lyrics and rapping by a friend who was incarcerated and would write lyrics to him from prison. Soon he became fond of the power of words and began to create his own poetry filled with verses and lyrics. When his friend was release from prison, they quickly reunited and formed what would be known as Playaz Club and began serching for way to get exposed to the public by taking advantage of any opportunity they had to display their talents in front of crowds. Later Kash branched out on his own to find his true identity by listening to great poets and artists from his genre of music. His influences are many that include the late greats Notorious BIG, Tupac, and Old Dirty Bastard. Eminem, Guru, Big L, Young Jeezy, Jay-Z, Lil Keke, UGK, and Too Short are some of the names that also gave inspiration to Kash Kasanova. After more than 10 years of opening shows for big names like Three Six Mafia, Lil Flip, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, and receiving recognition locally for his achievements, Kash is ready to take the next step and bring both his name and his music to a broader audience. He has perfected his art and will take the world by storm.


Dust Em Off

Written By: David

(Chorus)First you lean, then you rock/
You turn around, and dust em' off/
Dust Em haters Off Baby....

got some dirt on my shoulder, but the eyes on a rover/ so I hustle november to october
Aint got time to deal with these jokers/ so Im like Phil Ivey in this game of poker
Im no scared to lose, so Im all in/ rock the damn club and collect my benjamins
ladies in the spot showin' skins/ just to hit the club left momma with the kids
when your boy pull up man im rollin' slow/ volume turned up bumpin' Lupe Fiasco
Any asshole is gonna talk/ but I did the dirt, got my work, so boy it aint my fault
That my crew make bottles pop and panties drop/ aint nothin' less than Kash on top
The life of the party, puto what did you expect?/ cause i still got my cash man, fuck your respect


I came to make my people move to the grooves/ grab my loot, hit the gas and chunk the deuce
ladies shake caboose and playaz get loose/man Im looking clean with new feet on the shoes
Im mean the opposite and the flow still sick/once the alcohol kick, ladies guaranteed to strip
Patients is the key, baby gotta stay cool/ while you suckaz buy out the bar like a damn fool
been doin' this for ages, making no wages/now Im finally gettin' paid from rap pages
Makin' people lean, make bitches scream/ underground the scene, yeah clockin' my green
Kasanova steady shinin' cause that boys' out there grindin/ but you could still catch me in the whip reclinin'
so naturally ladies in my face/ but the wife assures me, she'll send me to a special place


Save the Drama for your momma, cause Im comin' up/ man I stay true baby girl knows whats up
Its all love for me cause thats what I give/ I keep tellin' playahaters let a vato live
some think Im dreamin' or even fantazising/ but a come up from Laredo must be surprizing
It aint hard to have a good time/ but if these putos trip they aint hard to find
All that negativity doesn't generate funds/much less do these fakers when they bump gums
so people get crunk and feel the bass drum/ Latinos stand up for that revolution
Kash on the mic, MJB on the track/ man I shine bright, but obviously they hate that
Whether its my own city or the T.A.M.I.U. commitee/ we gonna keep bumpin' sound so bitches shake titties


Don't Know What you Heard

Written By: David "Kash Kasanova" Vasquez

(chorus) Don't Know what you heard, but I came to get down
Boys talkin' loud but I came to get down
Ladies love the sound but I came to get down
Laredo's where Im found but I came to get down

Back in the mix, it the boy Kasanova/ King of the town but boys wanna hold em'
Homie it aint my fault but God chose em'/ plus the flow and beats I kick is strait up golden
On the M-I-C boys can't step to me/And if they think that, Im yellin' who wanna battle me
You can't handle me when it comes to droppin' bombs/since 96' I been rockin' cd roms
Im gettin' to old so Im all about paper/ thats why you never see me talk about these haters
But you see me in the club doin' my thang/ or on Laredo streets as the big body swang
from lane to lane down the avenue/my wife says rims are for kids but I gotta stay true
Man fuck that, cause Kash gotta shine/ 2 miles an hour, volume up, and seats on recline, Mannn


Puto ask anybody Kash keep it real/ thats why it dont matter how these haters feel
down to the Valley, or back San Antone/ rollin down Military with my bro Ricardo
Or in the A town with my primo J Mike/ back up to Arlington just to get my head right
People think they know me, but Ive been moving/ thats why they hear me in the club and people start groovin'
Boy, Laredo's Finest run the L-town/ rappers dont like it, but Kash put it down
don't care what you doin' or what you sellin'/ fuck all you haters is what kasanova yellin'
middle finger in the air cause I dont care/ Im on another level and dont see you anywhere
I surpassed you, man your luck I dont bash you/ but I got too much to lose, so homie fuck you


Ladies back it up and take it to the ground/ playaz throw your drinks up and feel the damn sound
Oh no Oh no there that boy go/ Mind on the dough and driving real slow
reppin' that city where the sun's hot/ fuck talk, we walk and fakers get shot
Bottles of Grey Goose, X Rated and Belvedere/ keep the party junpin' till the vision's unclear
Slink-E's got the girls with the big ol' booty/ while Hurrikane mixes up the drinks that taste fruity
rockin' that mic cause thats what I do/ Kash rules everything around me, home thought you knew
All the ballers know what Im talking about/ and all the shit talkers just move thier damn mouth
Puto Im from the south man I get crunk/ pop that trunk so people feel the funk..yo



Playa K's Kash Kasanova (1999)

Playaz Club(Pimp G & Kash Kasanova) (2000) - feature single "Whatcha Wanna Do", produced by Kash Kasanova, nominated number one three weeks in a row on KNEX 106.1's Hot 8 at 8

Underground Ridaz(Kash Kasanova, Pimp G, Lil Mex, Willie G)(2001-2002)-Sold more than 1000 units locally.

Kash Kasanova - Reality Check(2003)- sold more than 2000 units locally and regionally.

Kash Kasanova - Return of the King(2004)- features the single "Me and My Boyz" recieved airplay both on KRRG 98.1 and KNEX 106.1 in Laredo, Texas.

Kash Kasanova & DJ Slink-E (present)release Krunfest 4 Ya Chest which has sold more than 500 units locally.

Kash Kasanova & Problem Child(Present) release Gateway City Radio - FLOW 95.6, has sold more than 2000 copies locally, has recieved both radio and print recognition, and has made the originality of its concept the basis for other artist projects.

Kash Kasanova - The Most Hated(2007) is the most anticipated album from Kash Kasanova. The album features many artist from South Texas and is sure to propell Kash Kasanova to a recognized national artist.

Set List

Kash has learned over the years that the crowd has to get a show and that is what he gives to people. The set is high energy all throughout and may involve the audience. Kash Kasanova prefers to limit his time between 15 & 45 minutes. He songs usually last between 3 & 5 minutes and are all original songs. No matter who is in the crowd, people will come away with a smile and want for more Kash Kasanova music.