Out The Box: A 3 Woman 1 Woman Show

Out The Box: A 3 Woman 1 Woman Show


Out the Box is about 3 talented and sexy starlets who ventured to Hollywood to pursue their dreams of acting. The funny and uplifting show has a message of hope, inspiration, and empowerment while touching the hearts and minds of anyone who has ever been "boxed" by anyone for any reason.


KaShke Productions is an independent entertainment production company founded by actress-director-producer-entrepreneurs Shonelle Blake, Kathryn J. Taylor, and Keena Ferguson. The company was formed to identify, develop, and produce original projects for artists to showcase their works via stage, television and film. Our goal is to give an opportunity to growing artists such as ourselves to be a part of a creative talent collective and share the culmination of those projects around the country.


What Is Out The Box ?

If you are an actor, this show is for you. If you are an artist, this show is for you. If anyone has ever tried to tell you what you could or couldn't do, be or couldn't be, have or couldn't have and it pissed you off, then THIS SHOW IS FOR YOU!!

Out The Box is a 3 Woman 1 Woman show with the primary purpose of displaying the range of talent of 3 women - Kathryn J. Taylor, Shonelle Blake and Keena Ferguson to the entertainment, social and political community. With all original material developed into various dramatic and comedic characters, and two vignettes displaying dance and song, these three ladies seek to broaden the industry’s view of who they are and what they can do.

The concept of Out The Box simply reflects KaShKe’s refusal to be defined, typecast or "boxed" by the industry based on race, age, sex, sexual orientation, income or lineage.

To think Out The Box you must See more than what is in front of you, Hear octaves beyond your range, Feel deeper than your emotional comfort level, Believe the Unbelievable, Go against the Grain, Fight the status quo, Challenge tradition, Expect the unexpected, Take the road less traveled, Never accept no.
Be original, Be True, Be You……..Out The Box!

We have a trailer (viewable online or dvd copy available) that shows excerpts from the show as well as segments from our "mock-umentary".

Set List

The 90 minute show is broken down into 8 segments: The high energy intro, a comedic skit, the documentary, dramatic monologues, the dance segment, reverse casting monologues, the very funny "mock-umentary" and the closing of the show with the audience intimate and memorable outro.