Kashmir Red

Kashmir Red


If you can imagine a punky Oasis infused with Kasabian with signs of old school Kings Of Leon you are on the right track and what tracks this "must see" act are all about.


With Influences ranging from classic bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Neil Young to modern day classics such as Kings Of Leon, The Strokes and Oasis , Kashmir Red have set their stall out to become part of the next chapter of great Rock N Roll. With a infectious Rock vibe combined with a hugely catchy melodies Kashmir Red have became one of the most sought after bands in Scotland. But listening to a simple recording of these lads would be unfair as its their live performances which really do grab the attention as their energetic gigs have created quite a stir throughout the UK.

Bringing their Rock N Roll circus with them wherever they end up Kashmir Red’s roots are steeped in true Rock N Roll greats opposed to the falseness which seems to be saturated in today’s current “music scene”. With the current line up being little over a year old the lads have created a huge following in their native Aberdeen which have the loyalty and faith to travel with them throughout Scotland and wherever it may end up in the coming months.

With 2008 seeing the band travel all over the UK including their first performance in London their music seemed to stand out in any bill they were put on. So much so that their maiden festival performance at the Wizard Festival 2008 seen them receive major plaudits and were voted one of the “stand out performers” by a national Sunday paper in a field which included veteran acts such as Supergrass, The Damed and Proud Mary.

With tracks such as Wasted Lake – derived from a native Indian term for “love” – built for massive arenas and fans favorite Kings & Queens built for festival tents the lads can make memorable performances out of nothing. With their off stage antics being as energetic and memorable as their on stage performances their popularity seems to be growing rapidly as more and more get involved with the Kashmir Red band wagon.

With another EP penned in for late May and an Album hopefully due out by November this year 2009 seems to be the year where Kashmir Red will finally come to the forefront of the “rock n roll” scene.


Kings & The Queens

Written By: Kashmir Red

Now the Kings and the Queens and all the inbetweens as they sit with their faces focused on the screen, when the clock strikes 12 they all run to hell then joke with all the bitches and laugh at all the peasants who sell....

Now the man on the moon with the co-caine spoon says he's never coming down without his golden brown, as he looks to the stars to find his baby mars he'll never even know the price and all the meaning of shame....

- All they wanna really see is mirrors, All they really wanna see is mirrors,
- then all the really want is king, queen, king.....

Put the lies and tears and the shapes and the fears to be the back of room as they've played it too soon, as the kings and the queens and all the inbetweens are just there abouts to and oh only ever be seen.


Wasted Lake

Written By: Kashmir Red

Rattle Through another week as my head still seems so much clearer,
Lying down with the same four walls but nothing new seems any nearer,

The rainy days and your old school ways could send you back to wishing,
Come down fast find it hard to climb as you sit back and told to listen,

Ch -I've Swam with devils all my life, a wasted lake is no surprise, but my past could haunt me now, but i could change if i want it...But you know i feel wasted......x 4

People talk and people yarn as they always seem to question your hunger,stand up tall you've a lot to learn as your told that you aint younger,

Sitting down with the same four walls as you give in to your God given boredom,
In your Wasted Lake you lie awake give into your god given, freedom...


Written By: Kashmir Red

Cant stand so I,Give in to my,
All hail all the rock and roll scene

Heaven sent so I,
Bow down to my,
All Haill all the rock and Roll scene

A thousand times when I've wished for a revoultion,

A thousand times when I've wished that I didn't care,

Fuelled up by the,
Devil in so I,Give in to the Rock and Roll scene,

Got blind so I,Held back and I,
Give in to the Rock and Roll scene,

Pray silence for the people with soultions,
Pray silence for the state of all affairs

Roll up for the circus here and i, all hail to the Rock and Roll scene,

Wake up to the, Kingdom and i, all hail to the Rock and Roll scene

You're gonna Get the Money, Oh i Gotta get the money, Oh you Gotta get the Money and the girl


Written By: Steven Winton

Rackin my brains as i search for the answers,
She sits by my bed and holds both my hands tight,
I tell her i've nothing, she says that i have it all,

For someone so young she has shown me the future,
Its not all the "can'ts" but now all the "could ya's"
She stuck by my side when i seemed to lose it all,

B - Wait, take a seat, cause this is love, now i'm in it, now i'm in it,
Wait, Hang your strings, on my heart, cause now your in it,, now you're in it,

She's opened up roads that i thoguht i had blocked,
Theres no reason or rhyme i just thought it was luck,
come take my hand i promise to not let it go,

I struggled with faith but you helped me regain it,
You told me you loved me without even saying it,
A break all the silence by finally calling your name,

Wait, take a seat, cause this is love, now i'm in it, now i'm in it,
Wait, Hang your strings, on my heart, cause now your in it,, now you're in it,

8th -

Now that you've stood up and showed me the world,
I won't go back, i won't go back,
Now that you've caught up and spelt out the words,
I wont go back, i wont go back....


Kings & Queens EP - October 2008

Fat Hippy Sampler 3
- Kings & Queens

Radio Play -

Legendary WMMR Phillidelphia -
Kings & Queens

Original 106
Kings & Queens
Failing On A Monday
Little Caroline
High Times
Rolled in Gold
Witness Things

Northsound Radio
High Times
Little Caroline
Rolled In Gold

Set List

Typical Set List (Electric)

Scratch to the Heart
Rolled In Gold
Wasted Lake
August Paths
Failing ON a Monday
Kings & The Queens

(Additional Tracks)

High Times
She's Got The Blues
Witness Things
Four Kicks - Kings Of Leon
Whatever Happened To My Rock N ROll - BRMC
My Generation - The Who
Rocking IN The Free World - Neil Young

(Acoustic Set)

She's Got The Blues
Little Caroline
Witness Things
Someone in Love
August Paths
High Times
Kings & Queens
Failing On A Monday
Blood On The Saddles
Times Like These - Foo Fighters