Kash Tha Ovadose

Kash Tha Ovadose

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Pointed. Deliberate. Piercing. Expressive. Toxic. Addictive. Words now part of vocabularies, stories now woven into the fabric lives. Subtly seeping into your bloodstream painless and peaceful, unbeknownst to either, we have become one. Power is the motivation. With the power you control the money.


Ka$h Tha Ovadose - - K.O.- - A product of the late
80’s, Ka$h was Born in Boston, MA. He has crafted his life’s work to perfect the art of change.





Seeking flawlessness, K.O. took Hip-Hop's form of music/poetry, "RAP" by storm at the age of 13, when he began to understand that his world offered him the streets of destruction and death in Boston, MA. He chose to create a more fulfilling existence through his music.

K.O. is well versed in ever changing flows, word association and out-standing punch lines that are equipped with life’s experiences from those that are able to express themselves and for those that are not.

“U better hope that I blow and this bastard makes it/Cuz I'll be comin for your bread like it's tax evasion.”

Creatively, his influences are Tupac Shakur and Dr. Dre. Lyrically and Metaphorically, his influences are U.G. Hoodlum, Tre-5, Young J, and Dyell (A-CAMP & Madface, Inc.).

A product of the streets genetically as well as demographically, tracks like “Walk In My Shoes” show the side of K.O. not often seen. Other tracks like “Throw It Up” portray his commitment to hip-hop and his determination not to allow negativity in his cipher.

The first single from his solo project titled "BRING IT BACK" sets the tone for what the world should expect from this young, handsome and educated thug.

His name is KA$H given that $$$ is how one makes change. He is Tha Ovadose due to the reaction of listeners. Lyrically he should come with a warning label, like narcotics – legal and otherwise – the content within may be habit forming.

People say real hip-hop is dead. KA$H disagrees and suggests two plans of action to let the truth be told:

1) Pray that his arrival on the rap scene ain’t too late


2) Blame it on Tha HooD(LUM).