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Kasia is a professional singer, composer and songwriter. Drawing her inspirations from various, differentiated kinds of music, she creates a unique sound of adult contemporary music. Her life experiences combined with people she met influenced the work on her songs. By them, Kasia expresses herself the best way possible.


The person who is hiding under the humble nickname KASIA is a very talented, fully formed and conscious artist. She’s not an artificial creation, she doesn’t follow trends or fashion and she doesn’t create her image. Instead she reveals her true nature by telling beautiful stories and sharing mature reflection, untamed emotions and sensitive feelings. Singing is her tool to do this and not a goal in itself. Kasia focuses on her music by co-writing and co-producing it together with her long-time friend and great guitarist Tom Pfeiffer.


Kasia's voice is deep, original and composed, carries both calm and tension or longing and does this all in carefully balanced amounts. Compositions on the album are very diverse, sometimes they are reminiscent of the best years of Led Zeppelin, Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and at other times they are best associated with Joni Mitchell, Annie Lennox, Jim Morrison and John Mayer. These are seemingly distant from each other in associations, however they are spine under a common denominator with Kasia’s velvety voice and Tom’s guitar. The duo created a unique sound of 'adult contemporary music'. Their goal was to not let the modernity dominate the classics but rather focus on the song and its message in the first place. Therefore, despite the fact that their songs are often complicated in structure and their melody lines require excellent vocal technique, the audience will not be able to feel it. Kasia’s music is full of panache and easily reaches the heart.


Kasia Kaminska graduated from the jazz department at the Music Academy in Katowice. Following this, she studied at the prestigious Barkley College of Music in Boston. Along with Tom, they put together a band of great musicians who are not only Polish but from overseas as well. The extraction was irrelevant, only music agreement mattered and the "spark" that goes on with musicians who at the moment are perfectly harmonizing with each other, to create a specific, elusive energy on stage. This energy is addictive and contagious, moves the audience at concerts and continues with the listener as they go on in their life.


Pippa L.

Written By: Katarzyna Kaminska


So go have a nice trip before
It is too late
And a midnight appears
Clock is running all around
Counting the same endless hours
I want to step out of my shoes
And run bare feet somewhere
And I slowly search for this path

Is it a shame to close the door
If you really want to leave
The thing is I
I really care and
I just don’t want me to be who
All of them want

I used to speak the thoughts of someone else
I used to feel with the heart but not mine
Maybe this is the moment
To find myself
Maybe it‘s not crazy
To drive so far away
Where nobody will need me

Is it a shame to close the door
If you really want to leave
The thing is I
I really care and
I just don’t want me to be who
All of them want
I want to take a turn
Somewhere I don’t know at all
Head way out
What to expect?

„Good person“, such a beautiful phrase
but I can not measure it at all
is it good for me, good for you
good for him, good for her

I'm not sorry

Written By: Kasia

Will you remember
try not to deny it

I'm not sorry for what
I have said or done
To you or someone else

We could have shared one breath
I could have left you no air
We could have split one word
Or seconds, i don't care
I could have held your heart
And squeezed it in my hand
You could have stayed till dawn
I disappear into night

Left with the pieces
Keep them together

I want to thank you for giving me this chance
All of the stories are really not mine
Now i know what i don't want, in my life


The album:
Combining great writers such as Tom Pfeiffer and Kasia Kaminska with unique Canadian and Polish musicians, there is no other possibility than to create fresh, interesting music. The album "Tales of Pippa L" contains a hit song "Say", which has already reached the charts of Polish Radio Dla Ciebie.