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"Kaspar: grab onto your heart strings"

Kaspar, I mean it, hold onto your heartstrings, you’re about to feel a mighty sensation of stomach disappearing from within. Absolutely beautiful What a voice backed simply by an acoustic guitar and a pitch perfect vocal delivery, i adore this. Kaspar are from Finland and utterly wonderful. Like the best girls in the world, chase, embrace and never let go - because, life is nothing without great epic love.
Produced by Malcolm Burn (Dylan, Gabriel, Giant Sand, Patti Smith, Emmylou Harris) in NY. The album will come out in August. - 88 days in my veins blog


Kaspar-Kaspar (2009)



Kaspar is a band formed by two Finnish singer-songwriters, John McGregor and Mikael Hakkarainen and drummer Tuomas Hakkarainen. Kaspar’s delf-titled debut album was recorded in Kingston, New York with Grammy-winning producer Malcolm Burn. Mr. Burn has produced/mixed such artists as Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Daniel Lanois, Emmylou Harris, Lisa Germano, Giant Sand and Patti Smith among others. Burn recorded and mixed the album and he’s also one of the performers on the album. On their first album Kaspar is relying on acoustic guitars and beautiful harmonies. The way the voices meet each other has been compared to famous vocal duo, Simon & Garfunkel. The rythmic drumming brings in an unique, hypnotic feel.

The cooperation between the band and their producer started when John and Mikael got excited about the soundscape of an Emmylou Harris album, Stumble into grace, produced by Burn. After they contacted Burn, they learned that he was really interested in the theme of the album and was ready to produce the album just after hearing two songs. The actual recording was a quick process and the band and Burn had a common goal: to create something special.

The initial inspiration for the album was the life of Kaspar Hauser, which has inspired many artists through the years. Also known as “The Child of Europe”, Kaspar Hauser was a mysterious foundling in 19th century Germany, strongly linked with the princely German House of Baden. He spent his first 15 years locked away from any human contact, in the darkness. But still, after his mysterious appearance in Nurenberg in 1828, he not only learned the academic skills, he turned out to be an extraordinary human being carrying the impulses of empathy and forgiveness.

This far Kaspar has played concerts in Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and the US. The album was released in Finland in August 2009 and the band celebrated this event by playing a special concert at the Helsinki festival with Wilco.

About the songwriters:

John McGregor has released two solo albums in Finland, sung in Finnish, “Joki” (2005) and “Maa ei oo pimee” (2007). Both raised rave reviews and he also received a “Solo Femma” award for “Maa ei oo pimee”.

Mikael H has recorded two albums together with his band, Some Siberians, “Sounds like Siberia” (2004) and “Back from Serbia” (2006). They’ve toured New Zealand and Germany several times.