Kassandra Dasent

Kassandra Dasent

 Lansing, Michigan, USA

Fierce. Unapologetic. Enlightened. Kassandra Dasent's debut album ROAD TO REBELLION is a journey of self-discovery, a life-changing experience not for the faint of heart.


“How can I remain complacent when creating music? My music should reflect the evolution of my being alive.” -- Kassandra Dasent

To Kassandra Dasent, music is life, and vice-versa. Born in San Juan, Trinidad, with Chutney, Soca and Calypso in her blood, the singer-songwriter grew up in Montreal, Canada, a multicultural melting pot of rhythms and rhymes.

Kassandra was barely six years old when her mother discovered that she could harmonize flawlessly with religious Hindi records. The young girl’'s thirst for music only grew with time. By age seven, she began classical training as a clarinettist, and she went on to graduate from high school with honours in music. Her teenage years were also characterized by her involvement in church choirs, her introduction to soulful Gospel and Blues.

Enamoured of sounds from many genres and eras, Kassandra relies upon her remarkable musical abilities and her unique perspective on life to write potent lyrics about love, life, pain and healing. When putting words to music, she uses her incredible range of influences to create melodies built upon the best elements of modern music.

Seeing Kassandra live is an experience in itself. Her strikingly alluring physical presence is matched only by her vocal prowess. She has performed in festivals from Mali to Montreux, as well as in galas, television shows and concerts.
She has sung with the likes of Cirque du Soleil, Lorraine Klaasen and André-Marie Tala. She has also co-written and collaborated on numerous tracks for other artists. Kassandra is also a former commercial model and has appeared in several feature films.

In collaboration with producer Doug St-Louis, she completed ROAD TO REBELLION, her debut album, which successfully combines Kassandra’'s penchant for vocal substance and her drive to find unconventional beats that shape and shift people’s expectations of music.

Fierce. Unapologetic. Enlightened. ROAD TO REBELLION is a journey of self-discovery, a life-changing experience not for the faint of heart.
It all began in 2007 when Kassandra Dasent decided to focus on her writing, re-examine her life and open up to the world around her. The fledgling record quickly began to take shape, but the singer-songwriter was itching to break new ground, to find a stronger, truer musical connection, her real musical soul.

In early 2010, eager to evolve past her Gospel, Blues and R&B roots, she began working with producer Doug St-Louis who took a Pop/Rock approach to the tracks. He fused elements of Kassandra’'s classical training into the soaring harmonies but gave her music a new raw, urban edge.
This collaboration was the breath of fresh air that Kassandra had been craving and the end result is proof that she was right in searching for different musical horizons.

The album is emblematic of Kassandra Dasent’'s creative breakthrough. It is a celebration of the blissful feeling of accomplishment that comes from overcoming one’'s own perceived limits.

Kassandra Dasent’'s first offering is a highly personal record, speaking to her own history as well as her views on life in general. It is a testament to love and its beauty in tracks like "Life to Dreams" and “Will We Ever Meet Again”.

In "Alone" and "Worth the Waiting", it deplores the complexity and fragility of human relationships. While singing “Free Me”, the songwriter exorcises ghosts from her past, facing the turmoil and struggles she endured to emerge as the person she is today.
"I Am" is an ode to evolution and womanhood, the story of Kassandra’'s transformation from someone filled with self-loathing to a self-possessed and supremely confident being.

The album’ title track, "Road to Rebellion" is her personal anthem. It is both the story of how the album came to be and Kassandra Dasent’'s mantra, the way she chooses to live her life, letting passion and inspiration drive her.

ROAD TO REBELLION is an invitation to start off on a quest for independence, to blaze a new trail, to shed the convenient trappings of convention.
After all, convention was once someone else’'s revolution.


Album - Road to Rebellion - Released April 26 2011

Single - Wanna Be (With You) - Released September 17 2010