Baltimore, Maryland, USA
SoloHip HopJazz

K.O is an artist that allows you to experience his music through a creative aspect in the lyrical realm of his honesty. His music is hip hop with other genres such as jazz, classical, r&b, EDM and rock influencing it.


Kassim is a rapper from Maryland who is infusing hip hop with many other genres. He is a member of both 20NVR, a hip hop collective, and the Hip Hop Orchestra. He has performed at many music festivals such as Towson University's Tigerfest, Richmond Virginia's Epic fest, and Washington D.C's Funk Parade

He released his first mixtape in 2013 titled "A Consumer's Mind". Now he is currently working on his new album and is releasing "Peter Sparker" on October 28th, which is the first single. 


"A Consumer's Mind" October 22, 2013

"OverThink"  song November 18, 2014

"Peter Sparker" single October 28, 2015

Set List

  1. 20NVR Guru 
  2. Ricky
  3.  Cotton
  4.  Blackdrop
  5.  Untitled
  6.  Voodoo
  7.  Love Me I love you 
  8. Peter Sparker