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Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Band Metal Blues


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Kastasyde - "Poisoned, Ripped Off, and Lied To..." Review"

As far as the plague of recent retro thrash goes, Chicago’s Kastasyde aren’t the most original or even memorable, at least musically. They also boast some of the most flagrant abuse of the letter K since Kataklysm (seriously, that name. ugh.). But fuck if I haven’t had the vocal hooks to some of these songs rattling around my noggin for a couple weeks now. And it’s those vocals that really lift up this otherwise acceptable but somewhat forgettable six song time capsule of white sneakered thrash. The vocals range from a Lamb of God-style subterranean croak to Alice in Chains’ patented FX-slathered croon. It’s those clean vocals that really drive Kastasyde’s best work. The soaring hook to “Despotical” would be an exceptional example of their vocal brain virus in action.

The alchemical churn of “As Above, So Below” is an honest-to-Chuck Billy thrash power ballad like Testament used to churn out (“Return to Serenity,” I’m nostalgically thinking of you). “Divine Evil” makes me giggle with apostate delight because the song’s acoustic center perfectly mimes the tempo and themes of those horrid modern Christian songs the preacher would belt out back when my parents forced me to suffer through church.
Do you really need another band of kids who were rocking Pampers rather than denim vests when thrash was king? Probably not, but if that’s your thing, Kastasyde unabashedly delve into a side of thrash I haven’t yet heard exhumed and overdone.
- Grind and Punishment Blog

"Evening Shade Promotions"

With their sweet, pure, original metal sound, and one of the most original singers and lyricist for an unsigned metal band, this band has the potential to go as far as they want. With the edition of a second guitar, the sound is much harder and more dramatic than ever before. Although we have different beliefs, I'll not let that stand in the way of a great friendship with a bunch of down-to-earth guys.


- Evening Shade Promotions


2006- "Hundred Hollow Words" Full Length
2010 - "Poisoned, Ripped Off, and Lied To..." EP



Kastasyde was formed in Chicago in 2001. The band began writing music and performing intense live sets throughout clubs and bars, creating a buzz in the Chicago underground.

In 2006, the band released its debut full length album, "Hundred Hollow Words." The album showed a band capable of diverse and honest music, and Kastasyde began touring all regions of the U.S. Their hometown appeal grew rapidly, and the band was soon providing local support for bands such as God Forbid, Death Angel, and Mobile Deathcamp.

In 2010, Kastasyde released their 6 song EP, "Poisoned, Ripped Off, and Lied To", creating their strongest material to date. The music combined the influences of extreme metal, thrash, blues, and country with a strong message promoting free thought and the EP has received nothing but positive feedback from fans and underground media.

Kastasyde capped off a successful 2010 by appearing at the annual “Holiday of Horror” show in Chicago (featuring metal icons Macabre.) The band also began work on their next release by recording three songs with producer/engineer Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium, Minsk, Yakuza.) Kastasyde is planning for a busy 2011, with new music and constant touring.

Kastasyde is continually garnering more interest and expanding their audience through touring and promoting. The band is searching to find a suitable management team to work with and assist in their growth. The primary goals of the band are to ensure their music is extensively distributed for their fans and that the band is constantly working to promote its music and message.

Determined to be heard...Kastasyde is here to stay.