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Coatbridge, Scotland, United Kingdom

Coatbridge, Scotland, United Kingdom
Band Alternative EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



KASULE - Demonstration

'Witchdoctors of Zimbabwe'? 'That-Guy-Ritchie'? 'World of Sausage'?!! Oh. Dear. Boss, do i have to? (Yes - ed.) Can't i just go on about the brilliance of Death Disco? (No - ed.) Oh. (finger reluctantly pressing play...) Oh. This is good. This is very good. Haunting waves of 'Low' side B post rock. Mogwai drifting on a board in Canada. 'Love You Always' takes you plink-plonking through heaven's gate, angels at your side, mind over matter. 'Christie' noises things up a bit with a bout of evil, fascistic, fuzz-crash electronica, before the breakup/breakdown grey skies (beneath which you will fall apart in unyielding submission) of 'Booked For Singing (George Benson)' clouds in. Finally, it all melts away with the whispered, tinkling mush of 'Love (reprise)'. How something so fragile survived the Friday night grasp of this Death Disco devotee is a mystery. But thank fuck it did. - glasgow music magazine


Caribou / Kasule Glasgow Art School?
Soundtrack to a ?lm which doesn?t exist? is, let?s face it, a pretty worn phrase, so Kasule - kind of - take this on a stage by making the ?lms. Indeed, they have soundtracked an (award-winning) Australian ?lm already, but tonight, they?re performing and looking straight down the barrel of a DVD, blinking as a series of images illuminate band and audience. So what is going on in their heads of this Lanarkshire 4-piece?
Well, on this evidence, the same as in the heads of any unreconstructed Glaswegian sound-scape engineers. Opening tune ?35A? sychs up with religious imagery as Christ, rosaries and stigmata ?icker past our consciousness, contrasting sharply with space exploration on ?Christie?. There is indeed nothing new in the world of music but rather than look to new universes for inspiration, Kasule take little nicks from the drone of Spacemen 3, My Bloody Valentine?s shears of pop-as-art, and Scenic?s colossal universe-swallowing soundscapes. Adding to that pulsating beats, and casually tossing in coronet & melodica and the result is a breathtaking sonic collage.For a band perhaps best known for its cuddly corporate T-mobile advert, the ?lms in Caribou?s head must be quite disturbed. Their projections are mainly cartoons, though not for kids - I particularly pick up on a decidedly scary short of an owl as Witch?nder. So it?s perhaps for the best that the antics of the band draw the attention away from the screen. A 3-piece, the band formerly known as Manitoba (until threatened with legal action from the Dictators singer) are propelled mainly by Dan Snaith. OK, there are other members; a drummer and guitarist, but you get the impression that if Snaith could get his DNA spliced with an octopus he?d take on all instrumental duties. He already goes halfers on one of the twin drumkits, while not operating a mini-battery of synths, plus recorders and other oddball music-making gear. Most remarkably, given this provenance, they make a sound you can dance to - essentially, pop music. At times they?re a mini Polyphonic Spree (the vocals are, curiously, largely backing tracks) and even the Monkees. They do veer off occasionally into noisy abstraction - dipping their toes into Neu! or Stereolab / Krautrock territory, but are most at home referencing New Order in their guitar twang mode. The artschool crowd alternately offer adulation and simply bounce along, ignoring the imagery ?ashing before them. Don?t have nightmares. (Stuart McHugh) - IS THIS MUSIC



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Feeling a bit camera shy


kasule are from Coatbridge. Their sound is diverse, melodic & challenging & fits the mood. To generalise their sound can be best related to Joy Division big chords; Ulrich Schnauss, Slowdive, e-bow guitars; slow-faster-harder-louder type Spaceman 3, Mogwai; however this is only reference points to their unique sound. Their 1st LP Demonstaration, contains many moments of utter sublimeness. Kasule also wrote the soundtrack for an award winning film Black Coffee, which was voted most popular feature film @ The Australian AUSFEST 2002.