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Kat Reinhert

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Jazz Singer/Songwriter




"Spark Review"

Reinhert, a New York-based vocalist who splits her time between
teaching and performing, delivers thirteen songs here, touching
on topics ranging from body image issues to infatuation with the
Big Apple to divorce. In some places, the emotional weight of the material comes through clearly in Reinhert's delivery; at other times, she sings with a sense of detachment, resigned to dealing with the matter at hand without bending to its will. And while it's hard to know at times whether to view Reinhert as a jazz vocalist or a sophisticated singer­songwriter, such classifications are ultimately irrelevant. She's her own woman, and that's what really counts.

In putting together this project, Reinhert wisely enlisted pianist David Cook as her co­producer and co-arranger. He helps to mold the sound of each song, allowing the pieces to breathe, groove, and flow. Each number is concise and well-shaped, leaving room for instrumental expression without becoming bloated or going off the rails. Joining Reinhert and Cook on the majority of the tracks are bassist Sam Minaie, who proves to be a standout soloist and a support pillar; guitarist Perry Smith, a sonic sorcerer who captures the emotional intent of the music with his tasteful yet dramatic touches; and drummer Ross Pederson, a believer in serve-the-song drumming who can also turn into a live wire at times. Additional musicians-supremely gifted vocalists Jo Lawry and Shayna Steele among them-make guest appearances and further enhance the specific psychological and spiritual qualities attached to these songs.

A few numbers, such as "Heavy" and "Simple Illusion," fall flat and don't hit their intended mark, but Reinhert's songs connect more often than not. At her best, as on the modernistic "Paper Bag," a personalized take on Rush's "Limelight," the sly and bawdy "Naked," the guest-filled "Little Compartments," and the weighty "Prison," Reinhe,t finds that spark of inspiration that sets all good songs apart.

Track Listing: Walk Into The Rain; Heavy; Spark; Paper Bag; My Arms; Limelight; Little Compartments; Naked; Prison; Simple Illusion; Without A Fight; How Do You Know; Skyline.

Personnel: Kat Reinhert: vocals; Perry Smith: guitar; David Cook: piano, Fender Rhodes; Ross Pederson: drums; Sam Minaie: acoustic bass; Julia Pederson: electric bass; Jody Redhage: cello; Shayna Steele: vocals; Jo Lawry: vocals; Sarah Tolar: vocals.

Record Label: Self Produced - All About Jazz

"Spark Review 2"

By RBSProds "rbsprods"
This review is from: Spark (MP3 Music)
"Spark" features the unique vocalizing of composer, singer, and educator Kat Reinhert and her jazz quartet. With her clear,
emotional, attractive voice, she is a confident and passionate vocalist who sings songs that are influenced by jazz, pop, blues, country, and folk music genres, and which are very personal and distinct from other female jazz singers. She writes and sings her own lyrics that run from clever to profound. Her first-rate quartet of inventive musicians are Perry Smith on guitar, David Cook on keyboards, Ross Pederson on drums, and Sam Minate on acoustical bass, all of whom possess excellent comping and potent soloing ability behind and between Reinhert's vocals. Reinhert skips the safety and familiarity of jazz standards and Tin Pan Alley
'evergreens' here, as she wrote 11 of the 13 songs on the album and co-wrote another, all wrapped in always interesting, sometimes challenging, rhythmically-varied arrangements about songs of 'love lost, love found, and sage advice on living'. Guest musicians are Julia Pederson on electric bass, Jody Redhage on cello, and Jo Lawry, Shayna Steel, and Sarah Tolar on background vocals.
The 'best of the best' in this outstanding set begins with "Walk Into The Rain" in a breezy 6/8 time with lyrics that give a 'cleansing concept' of what to do when a romance is really over, featuring Reinhert and solos from Minate and Smith. The album "catalyst" is the hopeful stream-of-conscious song "Spark" with a interesting arrangement, a blazing solo by guitarist Smith, and a dynamic vocal by Reinhert. "Paper Bag" is a bright metronomic Reinhert song laced with wise counsel. On the interesting "Naked", Reinhert humorously shows her preference for silk sheets and matters beyond "unstoppable, undeniable nudity". "Prison" is a country dirge, but with a hopeful message that Reinhert delivers with 'panache', followed by a splendid guitar solo, and dramatic backing from the group. Reinhert soars over "Simple Illusion" which has a Broadway-like ambiance and inventive solo from pianist Cook. Reinhert and company dial up a stunning version of Rush's "Limelight". "How Do You Know" is in 6/8 with a great electric piano solo from Cook. "Without A Fight" and "My Arms" are full of Reinhert's heartfelt voice and practical advice about handling times of trouble. This is an excellent sophomore recording by Kat Reinhert and her bandmates who perform as a cohesive unit in producing "Spark", one of the
standout releases of 2015 so far. My Highest Recommendation. Five SUBLIME Stars. {SoundCloud. 1-tri-part CD package. 13 tracks. Time- 1:03:01. CD provided for an impartial review.) - Amazon - RBSProds

"Spark Review 3"

In a music world where songs are accessible now more than ever to due to advanced technology, artists come and go, but for the most part the ones that remain leave a trace that keeps the listener coming back for more. Modern jazz artist Kat Reinhert is at the top of that list and performs in her second independent release Spark thirteen topnotch jazz melodies that shine with dexterity and diversity.

Spark contains a feel and a sound that does not stay in one place at one time in terms of lyric, rhythm, and tone. With the assistance from producer and pianist David Cook and revered musicians Jo Lawry, Shayna Steele, Sam Minaie, and Perry Smith. Name it she touches on every genre of music without denying the traditions of the jazz from standard progression to modern sophistication. The record is an open music box of memorable songs that play a little over five minutes each and more than one may become a favorite that may cling to the listener. Highlights include. the opener "Walk into the Rain" a fast paced melody with a trademark jazz solo, title track "Spark" that may begin comparison of Reinhert's vocals to other great vocalists of jazz and pop Sergio Mendes’s Brazil '66 Lani Hall and songwriters Carol Bayer Sager and Burt Bacharach. For listeners that may have had a good dose of top 40 radio the melody and lyrics of “Paper Bag" may breathe similarities of Katy Perry’s "Firework," especially with the question "do you ever feel?" However, aside from that trait "Paper" embraces a playful spirit.

One of the bonuses on the album is the cover version of progressive rock band Rush's
"Limelight' that possesses a radio ready sound. "Naked" is a throwback to the standards a la Peggy Lee in "Fever," for a slight diversion to more contemporary tones "Without a Fight." turns the lights down low and relax to the enticing soft bossa nova of "How Do You Know." and to conclude the album "Skyline" slightly resonates with Pachebel's Canon in D major but more so to pop and slow jazz.

Whether listeners prefer long drawn jazz solos to soft and contemporary rhythms to their jazz music and enjoy vocalists such as Cassandra Wilson. Diana Krall or Stacey Kent, Kat Reinhert has arrived with "Spark."

Spark may be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play, or Amazon.com in August 2015. - No Depression

"Spark Review 4"

***** Once in a very blue 1110011, ••• ••• , August 21, 2015
By Joseph Brotherton
This review is from: Spark (MP3 Music)
... ... you wake up in the morning and expect that you are going to have a good day and the day then unfolds in such a way as to
exceed, wildly, your expectations. Then, a merely good day becomes a great one. Such was the day when a new friend of mine who, like me, is an admirer of the fabulous Diana Krall, put an advance copy of Kat Reinhert's new CD, "Spark" in my hands and asked me if I'd like to give it a listen. I said that I would and the day began to improve as soon as the disc began to play. The same is true
for the day after that and the day after that . ..... .
I noticed that Miss Reinhert either wrote or co-wrote twelve of the thirteen songs on the record. That, having been said, Miss Reinhert would be notable for her songwriting if that were all that she did. Miss Reinhert can and does tell a story with her songs and does so with considerable skill and with nuance that is delicious to discover. She is comparable to the great songwriters in her ability to touch the heart of the listener by revealing the heart of the writer. Give a listen to "Heavy" and you will hear a song that is, at the
same time, breathtaking in its execution and simply profound in its meaning as applicable to all who hear it.
Such fine songs need to be performed by musicians who are up to the task. That, having been said, the music on the record would
be notable if there were no lyrics to accompany it. Of course, as I mentioned previously, the lyrics are superb. There are substantial interludes of music that exist on the record without immediate vocal accompaniment, which is a good thing, for more than one
reason. One reason is to showcase the musicians themselves in celebration of their individual talents and collective virtuosity.
Such fine music and musicians would, if heard alone with the written lyrics in the listener's hands, make the listener wonder "Whose voice could do the words and music justice?" That having been asked, the answer is the voice of "Kat Reinhert". I have saved the best for last in the order of my comments. Miss Reinhert has a trained voice and Heaven knows thet we need more of those in this
day of little girls literally screaming out the words in order to hit the "BIG" note (rarely well) to impress an unsophisticated audience. In contrast, Miss Reinhert has a beautiful voice that is always under control and contributes precisely to the message that the song is meant to convey. Miss Reinhert is an academically trained vocal musician and I emphasize this in order to convey the idea that
knowledge, combined with talent, is breathtaking.
Finally, I understand that the fabulous Miss Reinhert lives and works in New York City. That is completely appropriate, as there is no other city in America big enough to hold her considerable and remarkable talents. Buy "Spark" and see how right I am. - Amazon - Joseph Brotherton

"Spark Review 5"

Composer and vocalist Kat Reinhert, a native of rural Wisconsin, has studied with Ken Schaphorst at Lawrence University, with vocalists Peter Eldridge and Jane Monheit at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City and earned her Masters in Music/Jazz Pedagogy at the University of Miami. She has released 2 previous CDs in 2001 and 2009 under the name of Kat Calvosa. After returning to New York City several years ago, she formed a band with Perry Smith (guitar), Sam Minaie (bass) and Ross Pederson (drums); they are featured throughout her new recording "Spark" (self-released), an impressive collection of 13 songs (all original save for a splendid rearrangement of Rush's "Limelight") produced by David Cook (who appears throughout on piano and keyboards).

It's obvious from the opening notes of "Walk Into The Rain" that these musicians have put time in on this music. The interaction of bass and guitar push the piece forward while Pederson dances beneath. Cook's electric piano adds quiet colors but Ms. Reinhert is the focal point. She makes sure you hear each word, articulating her story. There are moments when the music has an airy feel, such as on the country-ish "My Arms" (1 of 3 tracks that feature Julia Pederson on electric bass) but, if you listen closely, the vocalist gives credit to her parents for teaching how to be an adult. The playful nature of "Naked" is not just about nudity but also shows the artist's strength to be her own person. Cook take a brisk solo over the thick bass lines but it's Smith's crackling guitar that underpins the vocals.

A touch of Americana and psychedelia enters into the mix of "Little Compartments", a track that features the 2 bassists and a trio of background vocalists that include Ms. Reinhert's contemporaries, Jo Lawry, Shayna Steele and Sarah Tolar. The vocal trio returns on on "Without A Fight", a sweet ballad that opens with just voice and guitar. Nudity enters this track as well but the piece is really about what one really wants out of life. The angelic voices appear on the top of each chorus. Ms. Lawry is the only "extra" voice on "Paper Bag", yet another reminder of how hard it is to get through certain day and how one needs to dig deep. Cellist Jody Redhage makes the first of her 2 appearances on the track strictly in a supportive role beneath the voce on the chorus. Her "deep" tones are more noticeable on "Prison", blending with the stark piano chords and synth moans. The "country" feel of the piece comes from the fine slide guitar work of Smith. He's the unsung hero of the program - Cook's keyboard work is quite good as well but the guitarist often is the one who creates or interprets the mood of the song and of the vocalist. Minaie and Pederson is the rhythm section Smith worked with on his 2013 debut on BJU Records so the familiarity breeds freedom (knowing the musicians have each other's backs).

Over the course 13 tracks, Kat Reinhert reveals much about the lot of a contemporary artist as well as how one deals with relationships in hectic lives. One of the strengths of this album is that one has to listen a number of times to hear the stories, the intelligent arrangements, the plethora of fine solos (bassist Minaie stands out as do the afore-mentioned Cook and Smith), and the fine vocals. Though the sparkler Ms. Reinhert holds out on the CD cover will burn out quickly, the music contained on "Spark" will last much longer. - Step Tempest Review

"Under Darkness of Cover"

Recital: Under Darkness of Cover

January 25, 2007. Local Jazz vocalist Kat Calvosa will be giving a recital of cover songs in Clarke Recital Hall at the University of Miami, Coral Gables campus on February 1, 2006 at 8:00 p.m. The recital is in partial fulfillment for her Masters Degree in Jazz Pedagogy.

While cover songs are traditionally referred to as: “a performance or recording of songs that have been previously made famous and recorded by other people,” Kat feels that there is much to learn from such recordings and material. In all songs, there is room for the song to grow into something different than their original recordings or conception might convey. In addition, because Jazz music is strongly steeped in the use of traditional ‘standard’ repertoire, as well as having an organized body of knowledge from which to draw from, the concept of doing a recital of covers is not far from her Jazz roots.

Originally from Wisconsin, Calvosa followed her dreams to New York in the mid 90’s to attend the Manhattan School of Music, where she received her BM in Jazz/Commercial Voice. After completion of her degree, she worked as a vocalist, songwriter, and teacher in New York for the following six years until relocating to Florida to attend the University of Miami in the Fall of 2005 to pursue a degree in Jazz Pedagogy, the teaching of Jazz, with a strong emphasis on vocal performance.

For additional information regarding this event, related events, or Kat, please visit www.katcalvosa.com.
- P. Channing

"Chrysalis Review"

…Calvosa sings in a low soprano voice with just a hint of sweetness and she can play with the rhythm without ever losing the beat…an original perspective and a gift for metaphors…a wonderful introduction to her gifts as a songwriter….Calvosa creates a work of great subtlety and nuance…

- Darius, Online Jazz Critic


Dead Reckoning, expected release summer 2020

Home Movie, 2017

Spark, August 2015

Chrysalis, March 2009

It Could Happen, 2001



Kat Reinhert writes and sings songs that bring a refreshing sense of true innovation to the intertwining worlds of jazz and popular music.  With honesty and insight, she writes and interprets lyrics with humble expertise, creating beautiful, haunting, and charming stories that move past any limitation of the idioms.

Kat’s 2009 self-produced CD, Chrysalis, contains all original material she composed and arranged.  It has been hailed by critics as “a work of great subtlety and nuance,” for her ability to effortlessly join the worlds of singer-songwriter and jazz.  The album holds many of these gems including: Rufus, about her large and sometimes not so in-charge bed, See It Rise, linking the building of a house to leaving and moving on from a difficult space, and A Rose, a striking and beautiful love song.

Ms. Reinhert’s newest album, Spark, was released in the fall of 2015 to widespread critical acclaim.  With Spark, Ms. Reinhert turns the focus of her creativity again towards her original music, creating an album that is at once poignant and hopeful, and highlights her growth as a songwriter. She does not shy away from difficult subject matter, yet her delivery engages the listener to make the journey with her.  Enlisting the skill and expertise of David Cook as producer and pianist, along with Perry Smith, Ross Pederson, and Sam Minaie, as well as the guest talents of Julia Pederson, Jo Lawry, Shayna Steele, Sarah Tolar, and Jody Redhage, Spark truly lives up to its name, bringing a new energy and dynamic to Kat’s growing body of work.  Critics hailed Spark as, “…thirteen top-notch jazz melodies that shine with dexterity and diversity”; “…a fully involved firestorm of musicianship that will ignite your soul”; and “…the pieces breathe, groove and flow…well-shaped and leaving room for instrumental expression…”

Currently in the final stages of releasing her third album, Home Movie, Ms. Reinhert is excited to share another new work with her audiences so soon after the release of Spark.  With Home Movie, Kat makes the choice to step away from original music and instead spin her talents into arranging songs that have been in her lexicon for some time.  Home Movie is a collection of standards and covers that musically trace her journey from childhood to present day with inventive arrangements of songs from such diverse influences as Rogers and Hammerstein, Neil Young, and the Foo Fighters.  Critics are already saying that Home Movie ‘…contains no less of a wow factor (than Chyrsalis)’, and features Sam Minaie on bass, Perry Smith on guitar, and Ross Pederson on drums.

Vocalist Kat Reinhert grew up in rural Wisconsin, where she was surrounded by music, which lead her to pursue a music degree at Lawrence University.  She began studying with noted Jazz composer, arranger, and trumpeter, Ken Schaphorst, which lead her to fall in love with Jazz.  Wanting to gain a deeper experience, she moved to New York City in the Fall of 1996 to attend the prestigious Manhattan School of Music, where she began working with such noted musicians as Peter Eldridge, Jane Monheit, Chris Bergson, and Travis Sullivan and received a BM in Jazz/Commercial music.  Kat continued to hone her craft in New York until 2005 when she moved to Miami to pursue and ultimately achieve, an MM in Jazz Pedagogy from the University of Miami, FL.  While there, she had the opportunity to work with John Secada, Raul Midon, and Johnny Rodgers.  Returning to NYC, she began working with her current band consisting of Perry Smith, Sam Mianie, and Ross Pederson.

This beautiful and engaging singer has performed at venues such as Smalls, Cornelia Street Café, The Bitter End, and the Hot Jazz for Cool Nights Festival; and with Anat Fort, Perry Smith, Ross Pederson, Sam Minaie, Julia Pederson, Cameron Brown, Sean Nowell, Jamie Leonhart, Nir Felder, Anne Philips, Pete McCann, David Cook, Jordan Perlson, and Peter Eldridge.  With several tours on the horizon, new songs to be arranged and written, a brand new gorgeously engrossing album in the world and another shortly to follow, Ms. Reinhert is on the road to higher ground and with what lies behind her, there is no doubt that only more wonderful collaborations, music, and opportunities lie ahead.