BandPopAdult Contemporary

Soft Rock with a twist. Smooth and harmonic. Lyrically strong. The music address current issues and life changing events. There is a wide flavour of melodies and you cannot pinpoint a particular style or genre. The music happens spontaneously and the perfomance is just as spontaneous


Katabatica, has been together for 6 years the band has toured all over Australia and supported many major acts. The journey began with both Dave Roberts and Andrew Higgins working on Daves first Album. Many of the songs were debuted in dingy dark clubs but the response was so strong the band was put together . This first album won the Queensland Recording Associaton Rock Album of the year. It was also nominated for many other awards. Originally it was called the Dave Roberts band but as further input and contributions from the other members became stronger Katabatica was formed.


Ashes to Water.

Set List

Take No Prisoners, The Australian Dream, Born In this city, Artist and Musician, The Fall, Getting Higher, Blood on the Moon, Satan's Circus, Take my hand, A smooth word, That Kinda Day, Santa Anna Wind, A good Decision, So Sad, Can you hear her Cry, Cabbage Tree Cottage, Take My Hand, Silver Rain, Islands of Fire The Valley, No Reply. etc, etc

Set times 1 hr