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Passion, energy, conviction, wit, creativity, resolve are just a few of the words to describe Katalyst music. It oozes out him on stage and on record but even more so off of them. Katalyst tries to use music as a platform to showcase his message and hopefully cause change in our world.


Since his international release of Death By Design in march of 2009, Katalyst has been busy touring the country, starting a label (legacy music), and growing as an artist. Making many radio and magazine appearances on the way, Katalyst is grateful for the success of the album to date and is excited for what the future holds. Katalyst is known not only for his passion for the message he presents but also for his passion for music which becomes clearly evident on CD and on stage. A natural showman he strives to use his gifts to help the world see a more excellent way.

Having been born in New York and living in 3 other states and another country before he settled with his family in Chicago, adaptation and creativity are a part of his nature. Always thinking looking for something new to challenge himself with Katalyst doesn't see an end only the journey. Currently working on his follow up to his highly successful debut and crafting artist on the legacy music roster Katalyst has alot on his plate.


I Got Proof

Written By: Katalyst

If you go through the bible consistently and realize there’s no inconsistencies/ start looking at things differently and want to soldier in his infantry/ look at genesis 3 God said/that the messiah to crush the head/ of the serpent and as I read/ and saw it all come to head/ when he told of the scepter in Judah’s hand/ or the promised seed through Abraham/ or the prophecies Isaiah said/ all fulfilled through Christ who bled/ no da vinci code or zageist film could convince me not to die for him/ cause without their fame and prominence their arguments don’t make no sense/ how you gon convince that I’m simply a product of chance/ that the big bang came and made a monkey that eventually made a man/ if you want to follow theory and die in God’s fury then its clearly nothing left to be said/ because jesus is alive, rose in the sky while all your proofs are surely dead
that he’s still living….that he is risen…. This is why I’ll die/ this is why I live my life/ for the sake of Jesus Christ/cuz I believe the he’s alive
They want to know why I’d die for him/confused to why I’m riding with him/ got questions about Christian living but he’s the answer like Iverson/ they heard me say Christ in all my songs/ this dude ran up like what if you’re wrong/ I said I I’m not then saw his jaw/ stretch out and lay all on the floor/ he asked me how so I told him more/ Christ rise in the clouds people saw/ 500 witnesses told the world their report/ it got them killed still they held on/ to what they knew was no mistake/got crucified and burned at the stake/if this wasn’t true then I say would you die for what you knew was fake/ so I hope this hitting home/ I ain’t reach this on my own/ but why I preach it in every song/ if he ain’t rise then find his bones/ They looked in the tomb and still look in the ground/ in search of bones nowhere to be found/ I ain’t Sherlock but holmes I’m bound to believe that he ain’t no where around and
that he’s still living….that he is risen…. This is why I’ll die/ this is why I live my life/ for the sake of Jesus Christ/cuz I believe the he’s alive

Die If I Have To

Written By: Katalyst

I used to read the word and try to make excuses/ like if I was made first I really wouldn’t do it/ but the truth is all men sinned/ and given the another chance we all would again/ it’s the story line and what gets to me and the father talkin to the trinity/ let us make man and to know we going to sin/ Jesus stepped in like I got no problem with you sendin me/ knew he would give his life so we could be forgiven went and made man in their likeness and image/ God told Adam if you eat the tree your gonna die/ the serpent tricked eve and said you’ll be like God/ and so when they saw the fruit and saw that it was good naturally they ate tragically they understood/ the truth of good and evil knowledge of right and wrong/ but they knew we would be sinful people along/
I used to read the word and try to make excuses/ could tell the love he was talking about was exclusive/ I had to give it up/ you were the substitution/ if I didn’t (well) hell would be my retribution/ Luke told me that I should count the cost/ and that’s cool I was a fool/ fam I was counting a loss/ till one day I saw you as savior, a beautiful maker, a wonderful creator/ I know you pulled the scales of my eyes so that I could see/because you were there all the time and your right I need you/ the world told me to man up/ but next to your infinite grace their love didn’t compare much/ I’m trippin off the living you grant us/ for giving us a system for forgiveness and your scriptures the standards/ Lord I stand shocked and amazed/ I sought Christ for life you offered a cross and a grave/
See other God’s you try to get with them so you can get living getting all that you can grab/ but you’re a true God you’re so different becoming a Christian is giving all that you have/ thoughts that I have all of my vision my intuition my ambition my wisdom is passed/ away in the sea of forgetfulness plus you’re the greatest gift I can have/ Lord you’re my reward my life you order/ though I know your standards I am sure to fall short of/ Your saving grace I’m assured of/ Paved the way for me to become a saint like I played for New Orleans/ The old man is gone the new man is supported by bowing before the Lord that’s before him/ I worship and adore him/ and I will die if I have to for him/


Death By Design - Album - available on Itunes, Amazon, Lala, Emusic, Amie Street, and many more.
Legacy volume 1
Legacy volume 2
The body E.P.

Set List

Set varies depending on time and audience. I do all my own songs and at times do a different spin on hiphop by bringing a band