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Written By: Katanya

Sometimes I feel all alone
without you here
And when I think about it
it brings me to tears
I know it's been quite sometime
since you went away
But I can't seem to erase
the last day.....
That we said out goodbyes
at the time I couldn't cry
To young to understand
At times I still question why
But I thank God that I knew you
For eight years of my life
And now your an Angel
Flying high in the sky
I..... Miss you momma

Daddy I, I love you
for all that you've done
When mommy passed you stayed
strong and took care of us
You truely are one of a kind
definately a man
And someday you'll reunite
with your wife again.....
And it'll be so heavenly
All the Angels will sing
You'll embrace each other tightly
and then spread your wings
To Fly so very high
Wipe the tears from your eyes
Cause there's a ribbon in sky for you love.
I..... Love you father.