katchafire is an extremely tight 8 peice composition we hav been together 4 eight years. we hav a uniqe indiginous style of roots rock reggea. and we pride ourselves on our live show.


Katchafire are unique in New Zealand music. They are a viable, touring eight-piece band which can work the length of the country without exhausting the place. They can return to a venue they played just a few months before and pack it out all over again. That is rare for any band.

The success of the band was evident in album sales, opening shows for the likes of Michael Franti and Spearhead, the Wailers. the original peterTosh Band. Shaggy just too name a few.Every week we are constantly Giging all across the country and over the world. as an indication of how much th demand is for us in our home country we once did three gigs in one day on Waitangi Day 2004, in Hamilton, Manukau and Nelson), we hav also done three tours to Australia and and several thru out the pacific New Caledonia, and most recently a stadium-filling headlining shows in Fiji. and hawaii
apart from the obvious reggea influence. we gravitate to many diffrent genre . mostly anything that hits uour soul or melts your heart.



Written By: logan bell

Seriously, its been a long time
Since I’ve heard from thee
Since you dropped me a line
Well I know
What you’ve been going through
And I know
What I’ve been telling you
Girl seriously give me another one
Wo yeah

I happen to know what’s gonna happen next
The rhythm will pull you into this here jam
I reckon the rhythm just can’t stop you moving
And everywhere you look people be dancing near – yeah

I don’t drive no flashy car
I don’t wear no flashy ring girl
You don’t see me trying bling bling girl yeah
Give me another one…


album one album two

Bounce Hey Girl (version)
Who You With Call Right Up
Done Did It I got ya Back
Reggae Revival Close Your Eyes
Get Away I and I
Seriously Frisk Me Down
Colour Me Life Human Bonding
Collie Herb Hey Girl
Sensimillia Rainbow
Lose your power Rude Girl
roots music

all of these traks hav had radio play

Set List

our normal full show is maid up of a 2 / 2 an a half hour super set of all of our songs on the albums. some times we surprise them and do new song we havent even recorded yet. often well chuk a couple super hot marley covers in as well