Johnny Katchoolik

Johnny Katchoolik


Solo male musician/composer, guitarologist by training but also plays bass, keyboard, various electronic & software instruments, avant-garde, alternative, jazz fusion, rock, experimental, offbeat, no limits, wherever the imagination takes the music


Solo indie musician/composer/multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter, guitarologist by training but also plays bass, keyboard, electronic & software instruments...everything from avant-garde music to alternative, jazz fusion, improvisation, experimental, rock 'n' roll, and more...quirky, offbeat, no limits, no boundaries, wherever the imagination and the music take you...although Katchoolik has performed with various prog rock bands over the years, the studio (Ghetto Sound Studio) is Katchoolik's true playground, where quirky ideas are surgically extracted from his cerebral is just more colorful with music!

Co-founder of PolyAcoustic Records.

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Wings of the Mind (PolyAcoustic Records, 2006)
The Seattle Demo Sessions Vol. I (PolyAcoustic Records, 2006)