A singer songwriter keyboard player, I deliver songs in the spirit of the Carole King - James Taylor style but can rock out with the vocal sound of Grace Slick or Ann Wilson. I enjoy playing cover songs as well, many different genres - over 500 in my repretoire.


I was raised on a public game farm, an environmental outdoor classroom that was managed by my father. Growing up playing with bear cubs, deer fawn, bobcat kittens and coyote pups gave me a unique opportunity to be in the limelight at an early age. At three years old I was in an AP article, pictured feeding bear cubs that to me were "more fun than dolls." As a child I brought bear cubs to school for show and tell, and began leading tours at the Conservation Center. After we left the center I longed for the critters I'd come to love and wanted to find my way back to the limelight. I began to play the piano and sing.

I listened to Carole King, James Taylor and Carly Simon as songrwriting infuences and loved the sounds of Spirit, Cream, Heart and Emerson Lake & Palmer. I began writing music and playing covers at age13. Playing to larger crowds as a soloist comes naturally to me. I've played to crowds numbering in the thousands. At the Dane County Coliseum Talent Show, I was awarded 3rd place with an original song (written when I was 14) that recieved radio airplay locally. I've played in bands but have enjoyed bening a solo show since advanced technology affords me that opportunity. I sing to people, not at them, and without audience integration into the musical experience the beauty of that universal language is lost. I have that ability to make the music "ours." From the soft sounds of piano/vocal to the rocking sounds in genres from the 50's to present, I keep a little bit of everything from my 500 song repretoire that tailors my performance to the crowd at hand. I enjoy delivering a little bit of everything from the 1920's to present.
The past several years I've been asked to Milwauke Art Museum Festival of the Arts at the Lake, entertaining the sponsors of this event. Gathering on the Green in Mequon, an event that sells 7,000 to 10,000 tickets each year hires me to entertain their sponsors. These performances include songs of the post war era, classics and standards as well as pop music. A year of playing poolside at Devil's Head Resort was a latin based show, then moving my equipment to the Devils Den I'd rock the house with songs from the 70's to present. I spent a year performing weekly at the prestigous Fields at the Wilderness dinner club in the Wisconsin Dells. Versatility keeps me playing!



Written By: Kate Teschan

If happiness is like a butterly
The more you chase it
the more you try
It stays out of reach
It stays out of hand
Just staying still will make it land

When I've tried to make it work
The pain was great
And I got hurt
Now I found the mystery
That lies within
both you and me

I get it, I got it
I see how I want it
Creative, elative
(It's kind of sedative)
Just give it and live it
rejuvinate it
Just stop tying to steal it
it can't be robbed
Happiness is an inside job

In this world of great illusion
I sought for love
but what I found was confusion
I never thought to look within
To discover where
it had always been


There's no need to succeed
In a world that believes
that love is greed
There's nothing more
That I need to you
To prove myself to me or you
It's all a game - it can't be won
and further more, it ain't no fun.


Happiness is an inside job
Happiness is an inside job
Happiness is an inside job

Where's the Fire?

Written By: Kate Teschan

The radio wakes me
with the news of the dead
It starts my day off
with a sense of dread
The DJ says I can sleep no more
Throw off the covers
my feet on the floor
The coffee is on the toast is done
I fly out the door, my day on the run
I back out of the drive and
I join with the pack
We're all in a hurry
to be on the track

Where's the fire?
What's the hurry?
Living my life in desperate fury...
Where' the fire?
What's the hurry?
Living my life in desperate fury.

Watching the traffic
and the faces that pass
Intent on arriving
they're driving so fast
Why the big hurry
What's the big rush?
Why the confusion
and the big fuss



We're jammed on the highways
We're jammed in our heads
Consuming our booze and
downing our meds
Living our life like there's no tomorrow
Get out of the way
There's no time to borrow

Where's the fire?
What's the hurry?
Living my life in desparate fury.....


I have one CD produced in my own home with the Roland VS 880. The CD is entitiled "Training Wheels" because I haven't learned recording technology well enough to advance without them. This CD is a collection of original songs that range from easy listening to hard rock. With the exception of one guitar track, the entire CD is produced by my own hand with the Roland VA76. The (sometimes 4 deep) vocal layering is all me as well. The CD can be purchased at my website: www.kateandhermusic.com.
It can be heard streaming at: www.biglisten.com.
I'm currrently working on another CD.

I collaborated with an internet group called the "Biglist. " The group is for people using the VS series Roland digital recording equpiment and together we collaborated on a Beatles Compilation, on which I have two tracks (Somthing, Come Together) on the first disc of the 4 disc set.

Set List

My set lists vary to suit the venue. My sets can be as long as 2 hours, as short as 30 minutes. Songs are never more than 5 minutes and can be as short as one minute, if I'm doing a funny part of the show. My sets vary depending on the audience age, the time of day and the nature of the event. Here is a list of song, not including my originals:


Addicted to Love
After Midnight
After The Gold Rush
All I Want To Do
Another Brick In The Wall
Another Day In Paradise
As Tears Go By
At Seventeen
Baby I Love Your Way
Back On the Chain Gang
Bad Moon Rising
Been To Canaan
Bennie And The Jets
Best of My Love
Black Velvet
Born To Be Wild
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Brown Eyed Girl
Burning Down The House
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Call Me
Candle In The Wind
Can't Buy Me Love
Can't Find My Way Home