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The Coppolas @ Los Angeles Music Awards - Music Box Theater

Hollywood, California, USA

Hollywood, California, USA

The Coppolas @ The Mint

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

The Coppolas @ LA Music Awards Voting Party

Hollywood, California, USA

Hollywood, California, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



July 2006
Kate & Kacey’s debut release, “Circle Around”, is a testament to their musical abilities. Their voices seamlessly connect to create an intoxicating sound. This duo is exploding with talent that is evident in every song. Their songs draw you in and leave you wanting more.

- Georgia Moncrief, GoGirls Music

June 2006
Kate and Kacey Coppola, midnight Thursday at the Lounge Stage at the Crowne Plaza, 23 S. Second St., Harrisburg. 234-5021. For all ages.

This sister act hails from Denver, and its sound is firmly planted in the rich roots of a Rocky Mountain high.

These girls make music that's lush and pretty, and their voices blend so effortlessly that I wondered if it was one voice or two. They have that twin telepathy thing going on, so I'm sure their live show is fun to watch. Check them out at
- Alexis Dow, The Patriot News and

Nov 2005
"'Circle Around' from Kate & Kacey Coppola is an enchanting voyage into love, understanding, and the timeless journey of discovery. You can almost feel a warm summers breeze caress your face while listening to this superb song. Beautiful harmonies and clever lyrics makes Circle Around a highly recommended playlist add-on to Adult Contemporary radio."
- Publisher Chris White,

Feb 16, 2006
“[These] girls have serious songwriting skills, an easy going, accessible stage presence, wonderful voices, and when they sing women find two soul sisters, and men fall in love. That spells success.” - Ken Napzok, writer

Kate and Kacey Coppola have been asked to perform at the 2006 MUSEXPO delegates luncheon. There is only one acoustic performance slot reserved for the luncheon. The showcase is for an exclusive group of high-level international music and media professionals at MUSEXPO 2006, to be held at the Bel Age Hotel in West Hollywood, CA. This group will include label presidents, A&R and publishing executives, programmers from the worlds most influential and artist-friendly radio stations, film/TV and interactive music supervisors, bookers and promoters. Kate and Kacey will also have a featured track on the MUSEXPO Compilation CD, A&R and promotional opportunities, and much more. For more information, see - A&R Worldwide and MUSEXPO 2006

Summer '06
Kate and Kacey Coppola
Circle Around

Ha! Singer songwriters. Twins. Californian. God takes pole position in their thank you list (it's a long list, by the way). Kate and Kacey had to be a creation. A figment of the furtive Blues Bunny imagination.
But no. Here we have the promise of perfect harmonies to match their perfect blonde tresses. You are no doubt thinking that the Blues Bunny is about to resort to his customary sexism. Perhaps making some references to blondes, beaches and bikinis that would fit into the Californian vibe. However, they are very real. The Blues Bunny has seen them performing solo (OK, technically it is duo) on V K Lynne's Barebones broadcast at The harmonies are perfect, the production on the CD is slick and professional and the songs are very commercial. The backing band delivers the goods. Particular credit must be given to drummer Jay Bellerose whose style at times emulates the legendary Hal Blaine.
Particular favourites are the bouncy opening track "What I Can do for You" and the reflective "Understated View". Treat your ears and get yourself a copy of this CD.
4 carrots -

June '06
"Circle Around” 11 tracks of delicate soul and rock from Singer/songwriters and identical twins, Kate and Kacey Coppola. Kate and Kacey’s heavenly melodies, soothing lyrics, and classical voices are the foundation of their music. Their voices blend in perfect harmony and tone and the listener cannot tell where, when and if one starts or the other stops. A very pleasant and compelling CD.

- Harrisburg Entertainment online (

March 2006
"Twin sisters Kate and Kacey Coppola's commercial Pop Folk style with "Circle Around" (which they won First Prize in the Best Group/Duo category of the 2nd Annual IAMA) with nice music production and good vocal harmonies. Their song "Break" shows that they are versatile in showing some Blues influence. Their dashing model looks would certainly add to their good music and make them signable to a major record label."
- International Acoustic Music Awards - Featured Artist

May 2, 2006
"Kate and Kacey Coppola: If ever there was a duet designed for this venue, this was it. These two little angels of music provide one of the most pleasant listening experiences I have heard in a very long time. Superb vocal harmonies combined with instrumental melodies make for a unique combination of raw, musical strength in the material. These two are identical twins and are two of the most unpretentious and kind artists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I see women artists maybe half as attractive and talented as these two who tend to be much self absorbed and egotistical. Kate and Kacey's music reflects enough life experience that would make these two seem like there are very ancient souls inhabiting their bodies. Warmth and purity emulate their sound with resounding clarity. They are a "must see" for anyone who is a fan of soothing, absorbing and well composed musical works. They too will be performing at this year's LA Music Awards main event on November 9th."
- Al Bowman, Los Angeles Music Awards

May "06
About a month ago, a CD arrived at our office. It came with the whole promo-pack completed by a pack of Doublemint gum. It was from identical twins Kate and Kacey Coppola. I spent the better part of a month with this record. I would listen to it, leave it for a week... come back... listen again. I wanted to be fair and objective. If you'd seen the sparkling press photos of the two blonde bombshells you would understand how easy it would be to mail this in as "must have album of the year" based merely on their image. You see, in addition to being easy on the eyes, Kate and Kacey come with a nice resume of recognition and awards, AND a personal note written on the back of what appears to be a cut square of wall-paper. Sounds like a hit record...

Ok, so I wanted to separate from that first impression just to be fair because most of the records we get aren't nearly this well presented. My first impression of the album was that it was very polished, albeit a bit raw. It was well-thought-out, albeit a shade under-produced. I wondered if it was a conscious choice to leave something to the imagination. After one listen, I couldn't find a track that would be suitable for a commercial radio to play. And then I asked myself why I was looking for that, and I realized that I wanted that for them because they have the look to make that work. Who was I to say they were making a record to end-up on main-stream pop-radio and touring with the likes of KT Tunstall? So I put it down for a week.

I came back fresh, after spending some time with the newest Weezer album, as well as Pearl Jam's latest. This definitely got me out of the KT Tunstall mode. What I came back to was a familiar, flowing selection of songs that stops just short of being gratuitous. It's the kind of album you'd expect to hear playing at Starbuck's, sitting on the rotating HEARmusic CD rack. This made sense, as I could easily picture them performing on a coffee shop patio to a hundred people drinking iced soy lattes. It really felt right for this duo to make a record that doesn't stray far from their "two girls and their guitars" roots. There isn't a song on here that you wouldn't recognize from one of their live duo performances. I didn't understand why that didn't make sense to me before. They made a record that was relevant to what is almost assuredly their best asset: performing.

They do cover a lot of ground stylistically, if you go for that. The songs are at times poppy, at times twangy, and almost always showcase a little of the rocky mountain folk. The song I kept going back to was "Circle Around". It's a beautiful ballad that lends itself to the strengths of the girls. While they may sound just slightly out of place in the choppy "What I Can Do For You", they are right at home on circle. With some folksy sounds in between, "Another Fool" is almost a pop-rock song, and "Break" has a bluesy/country sound. That's a lot of ground covered in 7 songs. After some twisting and turning, "Innocence Lost" and "Light" are two soulful and beautiful ballads to close on. They almost leave the listener in a trance when the record ends. I almost wanted to clap once.

All-in-all, my principle criticism is that (being identical twins) they lack any real separation in their voices. Some of harmonies could be stronger and at times they sound slightly uncertain. The Indigo Girls have that way of harmonizing that gives you goose bumps. This record feels like it should have that, but never quite gets there. Don't get me wrong, they have beautiful voices, I just felt like the vocal parts on this record could've all been performed by the same twin. It's also worth mentioning that maybe two or three times Jay Bellerose seems to want to push the tempo on drums. Knit-picky I know, but something that more than one of us noted.

I recommend this record to those music fans who like soft folk-rock with a little hint of country. If you're into reflective, mellow, artistic sounds that are a wee off the beaten path, you'll like this. It could appeal to fans of Coldplay, the Dixie Chicks, or even John Denver.

Stephen Smith

- Stephen Smith,


Circle Around - INDEPENDENT Kate and Kacey Coppola March 2006




Singer/songwriters and identical twins, Kate and Kacey Coppola are one of the music industry's fast emerging talents. Originally from Colorado, their music reflects their roots in the Rocky Mountains. Kate and Kacey are winners of the 2006 International Acoustic Music Award for Best Group/Duo and nominees for the 2006 LA Music Awards' "Best Female Singer/Songwriters of the Year" and "Best Vocal Duet of the Year." They are and will be featured performers at showcases around the country including the MUSEXPO 2006 Delegates Luncheon Acoustic Showcase in West Hollywood, the 2006 Millennium Music Conference Showcase in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and the 2006 Atlantis Music Conference and Festival Showcase in Atlanta, Georgia to name a few...

A delicate mix of country and folk, Kate and Kacey's beautiful melodies, honest lyrics, and classic voices drive their music. The past few years have brought the twins to Los Angeles, performing at local venues such as the Hotel Cafe, The Key Club, Genghis Cohen, and Room 5.

Kate and Kacey Coppola are currently spending a lot of time in Nashville, TN writing, recording and performing with some of country music's best! Please visit for more info!

~Recent winners of the 2006 International Acoustic Music Award for Best Group/Duo.
~Nominees for TWO 2006 Los Angeles Music Awards: Best Female Singer/Songwriter and Best Duet
~Feature performers at the MUSEXPO 2006 Delegates Luncheon Acoustic Showcase in West Hollywood, CA.
~2006 Cosmic Break Tour Showcase in Denver, CO.
~2006 LA Music Awards Showcase in Santa Monica, CA
~2006 Millennium Music Conference Showcase in Harrisburg, PA.
~2006 Hyperactive Music Festival Showcase in Albuquerque, NM
~2006 Atlantis Music Conference and Festival Showcase in Atlanta, GA
~2006 Southpark Music Festival Showcase in Fairplay, CO
~2006 Temecula Film and Music Festival Showcase in Temecula, CA

The Coppolas are managed by Alex "Lex" Lipsitz
Boundless Entertainment
1000 Villa Place
Nashville, TN 37212
Office: 615.730.7988
Fax: 615.730.7989