Kate Borkowski

Kate Borkowski


An incredible vocalist, Kate Borkowski will draw you in with the easy, smooth sounds of her voice. And as a profoundly thoughtful songwriter, her lyrics will provide you a more truthful place to be.


While she has undoubtedly been influenced by many great singer-songwriters, Kate Borkowski has a sound that is very much her own; a unique voice she has cultivated that sets her apart
from her peers. Kate's music requires little effort of the listener. Anyone who enjoys fluid, melodic vocals over compelling guitar work will become an instant fan. The listener who chooses to appreciate the lyrics will find they are soon on a journey of introspection as Kate's songs are not only easily relatable, they are candid, honest and personal. Because she is a
young woman, her music is more relevant than ever. Kate refuses to compromise herself and her intentions to be more marketable. Her music is a
vehicle to address things in her own life that are ugly or in need of repair. However, she isn't afraid to reflect on the moments in her life worth celebrating. It is apparent when she writes that she is thinking only of the song, only of the music. Kate's lyrics reveal a rare ability to step outside of herself and view the world at different angles. Kate is self-taught and not afraid to take risks. In this time of over-produced, over-commercialized, over-mechanized artists it is refreshing to hear an
effortless, genuine voice. Her lyrics are important; her voice is complex; her music is brave.


Seeing in the Dark