Kate Devin

Kate Devin

 New York City, New York, USA

soulful, lots of energy, great live band, awesome songs


Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Kate Devin traded in the rural life for city life in 2003 moving to New York City with only her keyboard and a few other belongings. For several years she sang open mics with various funk/soul acts, drawing inspiration from them to create her own unique style of soul infused music. She honed her songwriting skills by collaborating with other like-minded songwriters and producers, and in 2008 began to write and produce her debut, Drown, an EP of six songs. Drown was released in November 2010 and can be bought on CDBaby, Itunes, and Rhapsody, among other digital distribution sites. She has been tackling the live music scene on the streets of New York, most recently performing at Spike Hill, Rockwood Music Hall, The Living Room, The Bitter End, and The National Underground just to name a few. In March 2011, she was nominated as one of Indie-Music.com’s Top 25 New and Notable Artists.
A singer and pianist since the age of five, Devin offers a sound rooted in traditional and contemporary soul with pop and bluesy melodies and dynamic, powerful vocals. Based in the belief that no aspect of performance can be anything less than sensational, Devin is committed to delivering music which satisfies the auditory as much as the emotional. Whether through live performance or studio recordings, she seeks to ensure that each and every public presentation is enough to both command and enchant an audience of any size or demographic.


Drown - EP (2010)