Kate  Eaton

Kate Eaton

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Our style is acoustic, lyrical folk with an enya-esque feel. There is a lot of rhythm in percussion, guitar and lyrics in some songs and others offer a more sparse intrumentation to compliment rich lyrics and vocal sounds. We tell stories in our songs of faith, loss, hope, and brokenness.


In my journey of life and faith, my songwriting has been the way in which I have expressed the intimacy of my faith and how at times it can seem that no answers come to my searching. I have found to my surprise and sometimes through great consternation that life is about waiting, trusting, and having faith. In my song writing I have found opportunities to express what I cannot say so well in conversation.

I compose on guitar and piano and have released a CD of eight original songs called Return To Me. Since then I have written several other songs and covered many artists who have inspired me such as Shawn Colvin, Tracy Chapman, and Norah Jones. My dream going forward is to complete two additional CD's; one to be an instrumental collection and the other to be a series of more current songs I have composed in the last few years. Additionally I plan to tour Italy in the spring of 2007 and play in the great cathedrals that for the most part are empty of any active, vibrant worship.

I have just completed five years with Habitat for Humanity International, raising money for the building of homes in over one hundred countries all over the world. I was fortunate to travel to Sri Lanka, two and half months after the tsunami struck, meeting the families whose lives had been devastated by this disaster. I also traveled to Guatemala in December of 2005 and actively participated in rebuilding villages affected by Hurricane Stan. These experiences have deeply affected my music and I am currently working on songs that reflect the emotions I experienced while witnessing the human suffering in these countries.


Santa Fe

Written By: Kate Eaton

Colors so bright
an oasis inside
calling me down
a trickster true
I was taken on the first try
red lights flashing all around me
could not catch my eye
I was taken in
and sucked right down
face on the ground

Love Is Patient

Written By: Kate Eaton

Love is patient
love, it is kind
and is not jealous
and love does brag
is not arrogant
and does not act unbecomingly
love does not seek its own
is not provoked
and does not take into account
a wrong suffered
and love does not rejoice
in unrighteousness
but rejoices with truth
and love bears all things
yes love bears all things
hopes all things and endures
and love never fails
no love never fails
and this is the truth

Can I Ask You A Question

Written By: Kate Eaton

Can I ask you a question
how do you reconcile
the loss all around us
and just keep walkin on
doesn’t it move you
to step out and speak
to put your hands on
someone who’s hurting
who needs a friend
needs a calm steady gaze
a look of concern
a quiet place to just let go
and be real
I wake up in the morning
get ready for my day
think about all I need
to accomplish this day
I pray for my life
and ask for his light
to shine on the things
I feel are pressing in on me
but do I ever say
take my life take all of me
take my love and my strength
and pour me out like a drink
offering on your world
do I ever step out
to a stranger in need
do I put myself in those
places where desperate hearts cling
to nothing but a beating heart
that seems so relentless
to keep on pushing life
into those veins
oh why oh why
can’t we seem to see
that what we are striving for
is there in that face
the freedom we seek
the peace that we search for
is there in that face


Return To Me (CD)

Set List

Set List:
Santa Fe, Child My Love For You, You Never Left Me, Love Is Patient, What's It Gonna Cost You, Can I ask You A Question, Elohim (Instrumental), Feast Of Reunion, Your Eyes, Let Them Come

Norah Jones: Toes, In The Morning, Feeling The Same Way All Over Again, Humble Me, Come Away With Me

Tracy Chapman: Gimmie One Reason

Mindy Smith: Come To Jesus

Shawn Colvin: Set The Prairie On Fire, True Love, Orion In The Sky

Sade: All About Our Love